Tuesday, June 29, 2010

See that you hurt not the oil or the wine!

Well, if Israel is the wine, it is hurt. See this video.


And I believe we can all agree this is oil:


These are two videos we all need to watch, hear, and put on our prayer list...right at the top.

I am getting your emails and I appreciate them. My computer time is to minuscule to reply though. I am sorry. This is becoming a pattern that will not change for the coming months yet...please keep sending me your finds for to hear from you is a delight and to peek in on what you send is a treat. Thank you!

It is a pleasure to still walk with you in Spirit! Praise God!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What are the true facts?

It has come to my attention that news facts are getting distorted regarding Israel and the encounter of Israeli soldiers and the crew of the six ships that were attempting to break the blockade against entering into Gaza ports. I had read an article that put Israel in a very bad view point regarding the way they went about stopping the ships, especially regarding the one ship. However, just sent to me is this article that carries video evidence of the truth and it is, as usual, Israel that is taking the brunt of things. I post this here in the interest of truth. We can and should see for ourselves. Please click here:


The videos are impressive for carrying the truth but be sure to read the article too.

The overwhelming cry against Israel causes my spirit within me to cringe. Our God, the God of Israel will not be tolerating much more of this injustice of the apple of His eye now will He? The call to move out in His Name to His glory echoes in me all the more these days. It brings to light this song that is video choreographed well. See here:


Quickly let me just share one little thing. While in South Dakota helping a missionary with a garage sale, a woman came and literally sought salvation and another woman sought how to become involved with mission work to Canada which was the calling in her heart. The missionary is ministering to both of these people but clearly the fields are white with harvest. We are the laborers. Lets go!