Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confession of our president.

Did you see and hear this? No matter how often I hear this and to hear now from President Obama himself, I have trouble getting my hands around all this means; it is so unthinkable. Listen to the whole video. Don't dismiss this as same o same o. Start and stop the video to read when necessary and get the whole meaning.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oil and Wine Continued....

Things are happening and people are working hard to get this info out. Let us help with the process.
The gulf is forming a huge bubble of methane gas some 20 miles in measurement on the sea floor and is believed to be going to blow in 60 to 90 days counting from the end of June 2010. It is being figured to wash off the state of Florida and a whole lot more.
What I can best say is pray, pray, pray and get your discernment of what you should do. Some are preparing to take in homeless or displaced people as a community effort here in Minnesota. Some are obviously "getting it" when they would prepare to do that! Praise God!
The minimum would be to check your stock, I would think, and re-check that your prayer partner connection is still intact and strong!
Here is the meat of this blog and I picked very carefully three of what I think is the best of these videos to cover the story the most completely. three minutes long. [short version] 15 minutes long. [long version] 9 minutes and 33 secs. [this version is grafic and has two other sites that are clickable right on the video face that are fasinating also.]
Thanks to other watchers, this info has been made readily available to me to share with you. I am pressed in the spirit by the Holy Spirit to share this and ask that you please pass this on in case someone needs this heads up NOW instead of when it is too late to "Come out of her my children." There are times to pack and take the lead. Pray and ask if this is that time for you, all you who are in harms way?