Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello from my heart!

So far I have been blogging input received from you and am amazed at all the really avid “watchers” communicating to me. There are folks that email extra and some who share first hand across the living room space, plus the phone calls and I love all the methods of contact we use. Thank you all so much and please keep your input coming!
But today I would like to share from my heart. I have been watching end time things for the last 30 plus years and the past couple of years things have been fireballing toward us. The last nine months in fact have been super rapid, yes?
Yet, I have such peace with in and all around me. I sense this peace is radiating from other Christians I am in touch with too. Isn’t it amazing how God is giving us such peace? Lets praise Him for that and stay in that peace! In fact, lets spread this peace with believers we know who could still use that peace we have been given for it is for them too!
What might be the most important thing we could share with our non-believers? It can’t be fear. What does it matter how ready a dissentient camp is being made for us? A shopping mall, a huge church or series of churches and schools can and have in the past been made ready for masses of people and can rapidly be made ready again so what is to fear about them? Rather, I asked myself, “What would I do if I was rounded up and placed into one of those camps?” Without hesitation I realized I would go around and start to see who would be interested in escaping though Christ Jesus. Yes, I would present with them the opportunity to come with me and escape and when they gather together I would share Jesus’ salvation with them. I would keep my eye on the takers and see if we could in turn do an actual escape physically after we had our spiritual one in place.
I guess I would encourage you to watch who you throw your towel in with, though. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest will be added unto you.” [Matt. 6:33 KJV]
Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be careful you are seeding into God’s Kingdom and not man’s and seed never in a passionate heat of the moment nor out of fear. Seek ye the LORD first.
Prepare to be like the New Testament first time ever Christians, only expect Jesus to show up on your scene with even greater glory then when He did at first. One of the things I have noticed this summer is there is such a thing as an anointed prayer shawl. As the summer unfolded I also became aware of anointed veils and now anointed prayer cloths! Remember in the New Testament how an apostle would walk past a person and their shadow would bring forth a miracle and hankies would become anointed and bring forth miracles? So what is so strange about prayer shawls and prayer cloths doing that now? I never had a prayer anything except for a prayer closet but now I see the anointing of the aforementioned objects and after prayerful consideration about them, I see God bringing to us personally that grand anointing we would normally go to large gatherings to seek. We can have that right in our homes now and many of us are doing just that. Joining together and praying together and, praise God, the anointing is falling right in our living rooms and/or kitchens! All it takes is two or three as you know.
It occurs to me God is getting us ready for when we won’t be able to gather together in large groups and it will be up to us to quietly ‘keep on keeping on’ where we pray our food in and our drinkable water in and especially salvation in to whomever needs it and it is safe to offer it to them for we will see them in tears seeking after that salvation they know they need. Our Spirit will confirm with their Spirit.
Reports of healing right in our beds while we sleep are becoming more common place.
I sense Jesus is working overtime to help us be ready for anything that is coming by building up our faith wonderfully and marvelously. We really have no need to fear with a God that is so magnanimous!
Holy Ghost leadings are being shared daily by believers who find scriptures being opened up to them when they faithfully just go to the Bible and read!
The outpoured knowings of the God Head; Three In One; Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost are being received and shared daily.
There is something about when something is shared by “God” to us that takes the fear right out of it…something like, if God be for us, who can be against us, right? Well, when God says read Jeremiah and where it says He will bring the north against Jerusalem and Judea, insert “USA” instead and read it that way. WOW. God who is going to judge the nations is about to judge the USA? Well, when that news comes from God the Holy Ghost, don’t you accept it readily and pay attention and share the news of it out to others? And then don’t you and others agree to pray together in repentance and for forgiveness and for the mercy of God to dispel the judgment we all know so very well we really do deserve but being under the redemptive blood of the Lamb we plead anyway and hope for pity? And well we should for our children’s and grandchildren’s sakes and the souls of those who need yet to become saved! Yes.
I communicate with missionaries and they are being sooooo blessed in their areas of calling. Not only are their God given talents being blessed but their areas of assignment is being blessed as well.
We have so much to thank and praise and worship God for and about. This whole next week I will be doing that and I really don’t expect to be able to blog but send me the emails on your heart and I will search them for the following week’s blogging!
In the mean time, remember Psalms 91 today and everyday!
God bless us everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you know DOMA?

This is a video about our law to have marriages that are male and female; DOMA.
At the end of the video is a driven home message of the men and women of the armed forces who fought and died for us to maintain our freedom to have this law in the first place. But at this time we are loosing them; the laws we USED to have. Pray we can keep our good laws!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Next Ten Years

I have just viewed a video that is such a “MUST SEE” I am blogging it. A man, Sid Roth, is interviewing a prophet, John Paul Jackson, who has been proven out over and over as someone who sees from the Lord and then it DOES come to pass. He tells of what is to be coming to pass these next ten years. Click onto this video:
Time to leave dissention camps behind and focus on Psalm 91 folks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Israel peace talks to resume

It has been a while since hearing news about peace in the middle east so when I received this I thought we really should share it fresh.
Go to:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SALVATION! Now this is what I’m talking about!

1,300 souls came to Jesus in a Lake Harriet Minnesota event on Aug. 22, 09!
Go to for more info!
WOW and Praise God!
Running From Martial Law is a soul winning book. Get it and pass it on. It is a book fitting into the right now of today. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books a Million and more carry the book and if you bring up the book menu and type the title in, it will come right up for you. OR go to my web site: and click onto “To preview and buy click on the link below”: Running from Martial Law
I will be back Friday to Blog more, Lord willing. God bless us everyone!
In the mean time pray for this man in England who is in this video…what is happening to him will likely come here so pray for “here” too; it is happening here in shades already in fact! Thank you for praying! Video:

“Camps for dissidents readied.”

I was asked if I really believed there were camps being made ready to incarcerate us. I hope you who asked get a chance to see the below website for today. I guess I DO believe this is NOT hype.
Thank you to all who are sending me articles with the article's websites attached. I am using them to Blog here as you can see. Amazing finds you are making one and all. Thank you for also praying for me to successfully Blog them too. It is a challenge at times. Some disappear on me. Thank you for letting me know when that happens too. The CNN one of Sat. Aug. 22, 09 came back as ‘operation aborted’ by some of you…maybe all of you even. I retried it again myself and experienced the same. Hmmmm. Well, If I disappear from the Blog, give me a while, I will try to return in Face book or something.

Monday, August 24, 2009

WHAT…Cover-ups? or not?

What are we to make of global warming verses earth warming? I was given the site below to chew on…it is a good gnaw.

Yet, this very day I was watching CNN news and watched an Iceland iceberg sink right behind the video that was being taken and caught the whole event as the iceberg sunk astoundingly and significantly. This next video is of Iceland and although not the very one I watched on the news today, it does show what I am talking about.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Health Care Plans and more on mass graves

Wow. I just goggled health care plans and got 192,000,000 responses to check out. We are out of control with nobody knowing what it going on. I listen to town hall meetings and folks on the go to get to the people who are plain Janes and Joes like me and I read and watch news from local to federal levels and the common tread is NOBODY has the answers and NOBODY is ready to go with a guaranteed workable plan. The push is from one end of the spectrum to the other. Those who “want it now” and those that say “please wait.” I am with the “please wait” group even if my needs are not met in the mean time.
Would you build a house if you don’t have the money to do it? And yet the common answer as to “how will this be paid for” is, “we don’t know yet.” “How will we find doctors enough to cover our office visits” is answered with “I know we don‘t have enough right now. We need to stimulate that field.“…same with finding nurses enough for our USA needs.
I just listened to scenarios of death panels needing to decide if we have enough money to take care of our senior citizens under government health care plans and the answer was that nobody will sit on panels deciding who will live and who won’t. What? That has already been a part of our society and in our faces since Terry Schiavo. See how it was at least fightable then even if “life” lost in her case, by going to web site:
It occurs to me this fight will not be a privilege for the future people hanging in a balance with irreversible health issues when we have governmental health care. We already lost it.
I am re-visiting this issue because we can and should voice ourselves with our congressman, representative, senator, governor, and anybody who will listen to just say slow down; don’t rush though this!
How to contact your representative regardless to his or her office being held:
Oh, by the way. For those of you who asked what the mass graves are for…please, check out this website:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Have you heard of Zelma Kirkpatrick? A number of years back she received a God given prophecy that is felt to become fulfilled very, very soon. I have read it at the site posted below and feel we need to pass this around and have it serve as a “TODAY” heads up, too.


Found on for the date of 8/14/09 is a rendition of what a perfect night might be like for a meteor shower watcher. Go to the site and type the date 8/14/09 into the archive slots on the right side of the page and judge for yourselves.
I watch the skies and have for years now. This would be considered a perfect night indeed! As we look up, there is much to see these days as we wait for Christ’s return and that is a fact. There will be cosmic disturbances we need to watch for…Rev. 6:12-14...don’t miss out!
Lord bless us one and all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got the flu?

I found an interesting mix of articles that seem to link one to the other. Take a look and see what you think. First of all let me preface them with these thoughts regarding the flu. We have about three different kinds of deadly flu we are tracking. The regular viral flu that hits us hard every Autumn and flits around here and there all winter, hurting our children and elderly more then anybody. Then we have the swine flu that is not going away and kills our older children to middle aged. And last we have the bird flu that the mere threat of it makes the hair rise on the back of one’s neck because the directly contaminated person just dies. Okay, now look at these web sites: Regular viral flu swine flu Bird flu
Now that you know the flu types so go to these articles and see what you think. Man’s approach; new health care had better not be based on giving us a mere dollar value in the USA as it does for the Great Britians. Medical approach; so far we do have this tamiaflu created. Why some say it does not work makes one wonder if we just are not getting stocked up to supply only certain ones of us and thus the mass graves being prepared for the rest? [See yesterday’s BLOG]
And last and most important:
It occurs to me we should finance our Priests, Pastors, Prayer Warriors, and send them up over our planet earth and have them follow the example the Rabbis set! In fact, are you traveling somewhere right now? Lets start praying! Dear Lord Jesus…..

Monday, August 17, 2009

400,000 Troops for USA on USA Soil

This last weekend I had a thought. How many troops would it take to enforce Martial Law in the USA by USA troops. Well, this heads up came in and I found one of many online articles that say it will take 400,000. Yup.
Go to and type “The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.” onto the search line and see how many sites come up! WOW!
My favorite site is if you care to go see it for yourself.
Interesting, yes?
You know what? I am re-reading my own book “Running From Martial Law.” See you at the Underground Church folks….where-ever it is…or in heaven, preferably!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where is the Second Amendment going to Go?

That is the question being asked. When I was in the local mall signing and selling books, the men would see the title, “Running From Martial Law” and look me in the eye and say, “That is what the second amendment is for!” I would ask them, “What if we don’t have that anymore; the second amendment?” They would re-state, “That is what the second amendment is for!” more emphatically. The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.
Now the thought that the second amendment would disappear can be supported by the Lou Dobbs video seen here: We really have to pay attention. Lou Dobbs admonishes us to do so in this video, too.
Again, there are other places that clearly show how our second amendment can be overridden by federal organizations, too. Goggle around, you can research this truth swiftly for yourself quickly enough.
A storm is forecasted to come; A thunder and rain storm. But I think the storm we need to be the most concerned with is of another kind here folks.
Most importantly, lets keep the faith!
Okay, just in is a request we go to and click on In the natural there is no chance for peace. [posted date is Saturday, August 15, 2009].
We are in this together as a body in Christ 'globally' folks. Christ Jesus will prevail! Let’s trust in Him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mass Graves

Okay, yesterday was medical murder. Today what came in is….Mass graves ready to go in a prominent city in the USA. Well, there is more then one city with mass graves ready to go but I only have this mass grave video web site to refer you too right now:
This is a hot day in August and I feel shivers after watching this video. How about you? As chilled as I feel now, I don’t know how I will ever make it warmly through the winter…but then, maybe many of us won’t, period.
Lord have mercy!
We need to Semper Fi, yes? Check that out at web site:
It means “Always faithful.” We need to Semper fi with Christ Jesus. Yes? Get in line with being faithful to Him and seeking His faithfulness to us. When we are His, that happens….His faithfulness. That is one of the points in “Running From Martial Law.” Semper Fi…today is a good day to do that for the rest of our lives and may our lives be eternal.
Look up for our redemption draws nigh.
Have a good day. A really good day. In Christ Jesus we can do that.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emergency Prayer Request

Let me please start right off with an emergency prayer request for our soldiers in Iraq and everywhere they may be, actually. They are smitten with the swine flu and are doing well compared to others but imagine the misery. Go to web site for details.

If that is not enough, the pick of posting today is grizzly. Medical Murder.
Brrrr. That is colder then the middle of winter in Minnesota. Don’t believe me? Go to web site:
[I see nothing wrong with plugging another’s writing other then my own.]
This carries too many insights to ignore. Opps. I am a baby boomer and that triggers empathy all of it’s own. But, really, we are facing health care crises coming that is un-fathomable. Sure, the way it is right now leaves a lot to be desired even for myself as I soon face becoming uninsurable or at least limited but to welcome the boogie man to replace what is difficult is sure not my idea of a good solution! Also, what is the big hurry? Why the forcing of a change while the answers are not clear yet? Not clear at all!
How does that fit in with ‘Running From Martial Law?” I would rather be on the run and without medical care that would kill me. Better I die naturally trying my best then laying there and letting someone neglect, or gladly assist me to an earlier death then our good Lord intended! WE have known for life times, ours and our parents and grandparents life times, you get what you pay for….not what Uncle Sam pays for; Uncle Sam has more of a tendency to tip us upside down and shake our pockets out!
What happened to the idea of working with our insurance companies? Perhaps asking for tailor made policies just for individual to individual? Insurance companies could create a whole range of policy offers instead of just a few policies with not much variation.
And, we could get back to biblical healings. There are plenty of people gifted by God to help us seek God’s healing. It could happen. Seriously. What is it Jesus used to say? Something like, “Oh you of little faith.”
I think I will go eat something healthy and read in the book of Acts. Join me!
But before I sign off, let me share a heads up from another emailer. She sent:
"On Fox News last eve they said to keep calling, writing or e-mailing your congress men against this health care bill-the battle is not over yet!!!"
Lets do it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Push!

We are in for a treat today. A friend sent me the most delightful video on ‘The Push.” Click here to see it:
Doesn’t it just speak to you? Aren’t you working with somebody who you would so much like to just give a tiny little push for them to draw closer to Jesus so they can get ready for Jesus like we are ready? Me too. I have given a good number of my books away to folks who are tilting on the edge of the cliff and need 'The Push'…just a tiny little nudge.
Not long ago I stood behind a man and prayed for him to not give up reaching for all that God has for him and I am so glad I did stand in that gap for soon he did get up and seek a closer relationship with our Lord. We had a heart warming peek at God’s glory as he received.
A friend of mine recently bought 5 of “Running From Martial Law” books for Christmas gifts. That was sure an act of love! Five little pushes coming up!
Have a great day while it is still summer. These warm sunny partly cloudy days are so welcome.
So SMILE, God loves you!
And He is good….all the time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drivers License Credit Card and Chip Implanting

A new day has arrived and in more then one way. The pick of today, so far, is the drivers license credit card. Imagine going to a gas pump, slipping in your drivers license to pay for the gas, and you are done. Easy and fast and fitting right in with the cashless society that is predicted to come along with the pace of end time things.
To see what I am typing on about here, go to web address:
Doesn’t that look like something we all would feel is harmless and such a convenience? Or is it? Does it, instead, usher in the machinery of the beast? Kind of like the microchip. You see, just what else is on that drivers license? What is that magnetic strip and all those broken up black squiggly lines saying? Is anything private and personal anymore?
What’s up with the micro chip? Okay. Item number two for today. The micro chip. Go to web address:
Yes, it is some more of the Big Brother technology but I have written the deed done in the exact location in the book “Running From Martial Law” and I wrote that before I saw the picture of it. You see the picture showed the tiny chip planted right in-between the thumb and first finger where our hand is soft and the skin is elastic and it is showing plenty of extra space. Sorry I can’t copy the picture here but the web address is:
Well, this is enough for today. Not all of the news but enough to ponder on for today. Actually, pondering is good. One should have plans and to have an idea of what you may do if the time gets too rough, say like martial law is squeezing in and you don’t know what to do. Seriously, you should have a plan.
My plan is to keep my eyes on Jesus and pray to be worthy to escape the things I see coming. Of course the only way that can happen that I be found worthy is by the redemptive blood of the Lamb. Should things get too rough BEFORE the escape is provided? I will continue to trust and pray but I clearly will try to run and hide until God’s indignation passes if it becomes necessary. Maybe that will require food supplies. How is your inventory?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who is listening in?

Good morning. Wait, it is already after noon! The emails keep coming and assuring me the world is rocking and reeling with more and more sophisticated changes toward unwanted home invasion and it is being done legally. What is worse, we creatures of habit click onto the word “Accept” without actually reading what we are agreeing to and ALLOW THEM TO INVADE US. Check out this site:

Otherwise it looks like a beautiful partly cloudy day where nothing sinister or adverse could possibly be happening. EXCEPT, I now have a distinct feeling Big Brother is not only watching but is pressing in. It is getting a bit crowded don’t you think?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

martial law news

I have been getting emails from end time watchers same as myself and here are some websites you may find very interesting.
FEMA to Conduct Massive NLE 09 Martial Law Exercise Next Week
Population “Relocation” Section of FEMA Document Missing
[Dot, Here is the information on the sure and read the last paragraph. As we came through the midwest this last week, we saw many many of new and interesting shaped towers simular to the ones on this site. All of this page is quite interesting, yes, but it is only one of so many that could be googled up.]
These deal with martial law, potential relocation process of populations within the USA, and things being seen 'in the neighborhood' that are bothering towers springing up everywhere and are being called "oh, they are just simple cellular towers." We have much we can know and there is so much other information being passed on by word of mouth, also, that people feel too scared to even write on their computers.
My book, "Running From Martial Law" is ending up being really quite timely, I see.