Saturday, December 27, 2008

Upcoming Book on Revelation!

This blog is a place to put information about my upcoming book concerning the preparedness of the return of Jesus Christ. The four part book is a fictional account of people who are watching and getting ready for the catching away of Christians by Christ Jesus. The first part is about new found Christians who would not get ready for Jesus' return so they go into the second part where they are now running from Martial Law and the atrocities of the newly forming One World Government. Then the third part that shows the runner's gallant efforts of pulling together an Underground Church right here in the USA that is no longer the USA while waiting for God's next move. And a fourth part brings the very last believers who have the testimony of Jesus Christ, Rev. 12:17, to the Millennium where they are face to face with Christ Himself right here on earth.


  1. 3/31/09
    Hello! I shared with you that there was a book coming. Well, it still is; coming that is. It is being brought before a publisher even as I type. Praise the Lord!
    In the book's development, it has become one book now with four parts instead of four separte books. And it's name is "Running From Martial Law." I love evolving things. Change is good or sure can be.
    Here is my favorite change!
    II Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."
    King Jame Version

  2. The celebration of Easter is over but not the passion which we carry within ourselves for Jesus day by day. I know the celebration is over though because the ham is gone and the shank is right now becoming 'soup' in a large kettle full of navy beans, basmati rice and other most secret ingredients that makes my cooking mine. Dinner at 5 P.M.....see you then!

    A short road trip this last week has lined up several book signing engagements for this Fall when "Running From Martial Law" is completed and in print and saleable form. All of the signings are though-out Minnesota. Watch this blog and my website for updates of specific times and places!

  3. Here it is! The book, "Running From Martial Law" is out for sale! Here are two websites that will take you right to the page. is:
    Barnes and Noble is:
    Thanks for buying and Happy reading!!