Monday, November 9, 2009

My heart beat!

At the watchful eye of another watcher, I have been asked to check if the 13th Amendment is really “passed” or not so with further investigation I find the 13th Amendment that I posted was only passed by the original states as the original 13th Amendment but the “now” 13th Amendment is an entirely different amendment in nature. The first one posted is: forbidding an elected office to hold foreign office.
And the second one I will post now in contrast is: It prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. You might hang on to the validly of this amendment for if martial law is instituted, we cannot legally be enslaved. Ha! Just watch!
Good eye fellow watcher! [Although I’m sure as more and more of our sovereignty is slipping away, some of us will wish the first article was the ruling amendment of today, yes?]
I am going out of town again for the rest of this month of November. Please keep the watch and I’ll be back in December before I know it, blogging your watchings again!
I will be down in San Andrés, Quiche, Guatemala for the dedication of the church building an enthusiastic Christian group there has for holding their church gatherings that a group from here helped construct last November 2008. It is called “Iglesia De Dios…Rey De Los Siglos.” Which, interpreted means: “Church of God…King of the Ages.
Please pray for the church [people], pray for the village, and please pray for me. If it rains, the two weeks in that village could easily turn into several weeks. Pray we do not encounter mud or land slides in our traveling. Mainly pray “God’s will” flourishes in His chosen people there ongoing so that His faithful church grows! And that the missionaries, Ed and Mary Fox’s work to convert the native language into the Word of God, with His anointing, goes smoothly until completion.
Thanks to all you great WATCHERS! And Jesus bless you with a wonderful Thanksgiving! I pray you all make warm memories with family and friends!
Should the ‘catching away’ happen before I get back…I’ll see you in heaven my Godly joint-family in Christ Jesus!!! It could happen you know!
In the mean time, please read and use this article as a remembrance to pray for Israel/Jerusalem:
Also, I am leaving this country with the constitution ‘kinda’ intact.
I will check and see if it still stands when I get back and where our health care will be.
And lastly I leave you with this very special treat in the LORD!
“Who Is The King Of Glory?” Click onto this youtube site and find out :-):
God bless you all. I will miss you!

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