Monday, November 30, 2009

Returned from San Andrés Quiche Guatemala

It is good to be home even though I already miss all our Christian Brothers and Sisters in San Andrés. God is pulling together a strong church in Christ Jesus there and it is a beautiful site to see for it is serving a Quiche speaking people that are not hearing the Bible in their language anywhere else except there by Pastor Domingo.
Upon arrival to Guatemala City, I taxied over to Antigua, Guatemala and, with permission, kidnapped Alicia [for those of you who know her] and whisked her up to the mission field the Lord has for me right now and together we watched the hand of God and the amazing culture of the Indigenous people of Guatemala’s highlands be unveiled before our eyes.
Many of you remember and know of this last summer’s special experiences we had praying under prayer shawls, anointing with oil, going on prayer walks, and asking God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, for miracles. Well, God delivers for we prayed the same there. At least one lady we prayed for came back to us within a couple of minutes to thank us for the prayer for the headache from which she was relieved of, immediately…the miraculous way. She also was finding this act so foreign to her, she asked if she could pay us for the remedy and thought the oil was a potion. We took special time to tell her Jesus did it because He loves her and it costs nothing because Jesus already paid the price on the cross. We assured her it was no magic. A few days later, I saw her again and she related Jesus Christ had helped her head stay well. God always does what we can’t. She is a very senior person and had tears in her eyes with the headache but when ever I saw her after that, her eyes were without tears and clear. She was not rubbing her head anymore either.
The missionaries are faithfully turning the Quiche language into a Bible for the people there so the people can know what God has for them in a way they can best understand. Try to imagine learning about Christ by listening to sermons in Russian or some other unfamiliar language to your understanding.
Pastor Domingo and the church are working hard to finish their church and grow both in the Lord personally and as a church body. Just like us; or as we should be anyway. Their next need is a floor for the church. Right now they have a packed dirt floor which promotes bad health at best; especially for the children. I often chocked on the dust.
The dedication of the church was far exceeding anything I expected as it went on for three days and two nights. The actual services were three in the day and each one three hours long. The people who stayed up all night cooking and preparing things took turns coming to the services while others slept. Finally all was accomplished. The church was soundly dedicated to the LORD! Praise God!
A sincere thank you to all of you who bought my book “Running From martial Law” for the proceeds from the sales of the book has helped fund this mission trip and I pray for more sales of the book to help defray the cost of the church’s floor.
The teens also asked us to please come again next year and help them do a Vacation Bible School for the children. We spoke with the adults and everybody has agreed this would be something good in the Lord to do. I am back on my knees for that too will be a financial concern.
I am thrilled with all the email articles from you. You know who you are! I have begun to start reading and am glad for the articles for they update me from the news blackout I experienced while gone. I saw little to no news and what I did see was in Spanish which could just as well of been Greek for they speak very fast on TV and I was not tracking well enough at all to understand the information.
One last thing. In route via the airlines, I was able to speak to English speaking people from around the world, Germany, Ecuador, Chile, or where ever, and the answer to the question, “How do you feel your country is doing?” The answer was always, “Good, except for the economics and politics.” They all like our President Obama. They wished they had him. All of them. Hmmmm.

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