Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is REALLY going on?

We have known since last summer that the USA is seriously considering internet censorship. Have you been keeping an eye on this as it develops? Some one has for here is the news as it unfolded as she sent it to me.
First of all, you all saw tons of news about the USA’s threat of a government controlled internet last summer. Now here is the UK take on the same.
You will find it a whole lot more to the point with no doubt of what is being talked about.
And it is not only in the USA and UK, but in Iran too even though THERE we would expect it. See here:
And if it only covered the internet, but here we can see it also includes photographing.
This article appears throughout the internet but this one is the best I think.
And last but very important, here is the progress that is being made regarding strict controls over the internet.
Read this one carefully. Note the rapid and in-depth progress that has been made. Soon bloggers will not be blogging, photographers will have empty films, news articles will be limited, and I can’t for the life of me imagine what else we will have controlled.
In fact, today I goggled up Running From Martial Law to see what was happening and found things so frightening I had a hard time answering the phone and carrying on a conversation for some time afterwards. Maybe another day I will blog that very frightening info but for right now, I hope and pray it is someone’s ‘nightmare’ of what could be coming and not the real thing!
Again I ask for prayer for Israel. The struggle there is grievous and to pray for them is a plan of God’s we don‘t want to forget.

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