Monday, February 8, 2010

Born Again American

There are songs that tell the whole story. This is one of them: When the site comes up, be sure to put your cursor on the video screen and left click to make it play.
It spans the whole USA and it should for it does!
What is our economy looking like? 9.7% unemployment yet for a national average at present. Slightly down from the average 10% we were holding.
What does Minnesota look like; or more specifically, your county? Mine in Crow Wing County looks like 10.3 % from Dec. 2009 figures. Where did I get this data? Here:
But you may live elsewhere in MN. The main site where one can click for some time to find what you are looking for, go to:
The site is easy to understand and is only a part of the whole. The internet carries phenomenal information these days and the data in it is ever growing. Imagine what we will have for data once the 2010 census is completed and posted!
The stories of hardships with our failing economy are numerous. By now we can tell stories of a personal nature as we suffer ourselves, or our love one suffers and or as we help someone who we know who is suffering. Nobody is exempt anymore it seems. Everybody at least knows someone who is effected if they aren't themselves.
I live in an area that has a slightly larger population then many counties around us so folks in the surrounding communities are coming here thinking they are more likely to get a job only to find themselves not able to get a job and are stuck and hungry. We are rich in good Minnesota giving people and churches as well as humanitarian entities so needs are being met swiftly and praise God for that but should the numbers increase we must be ready to meet that increase too. That has been a reason for my cutting back with plans to do even more. My winter coat is serving me for I don't remember what year of wearing but with a new jacket type lining, I expect more years of wear out of it yet. Other then special needs, clothing shopping is not on the list this year.
I am getting a grip on the food budget too as I buy bulk and live off it with a rotating attitude. All who have seen me know I am not hurting in my diet. I pray you are doing well also! Okay, maybe I could stand to lose a bit of weight so maybe you don't want to do as well as I am. :)
One of the reasons a stock is good can be seen here in an article sent to me. Check out the meat shelves behind the man pushing the cart when the mid Atlantic massive snow storm was coming in on the eastern seaboard of the USA last Friday. Pretty empty huh!
Does it seem strange to see the word “Snowmageddon” or are we getting familiar with end time terms in print now?
As we plan out a strategy, each and every one of us, for our individual needs, we find other areas of being able to cut back and save. I know this winter I was able to cut back on medical expenses as friends and I prayed me though respiratory infections that have for years led to sinusitis and or bronchitis. Not this year glory to God Who answers prayers. I am a believer in going to the doctor when needed and praise Jesus for good medicines but when healing comes via good health care in the home and answered prayer, I believe in that too.
How are you fairing? Any tips out there that you would like to share and have posted? I would be glad to do that at your guidelines and permission! Send them to know the email address!
A popular item is a posting about Jesus so lets look at this:
May this cause us to think of how God can lift us up to be more then we can be for right here now and even more so as the need arises.
Lord bless us all. Amen.

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