Monday, February 15, 2010

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus with One on Israel too!

Repeatedly we are told and even warned to keep our eyes on Israel. Here is another admonishment to do so and the elaboration of the article is clear as to why.
Jerry Golden includes scripture in the article but there are words he shares that is also scripture based and I am sure you will root them out even if they are not clearly designated.
This article is about how Israel is seen by watchers to be getting closed in on by enemies that are surrounding her. Jerry clearly talks about the enemy of time and how hell is about to break loose.
We need such whole-heartedly prayer for Israel/Jerusalem that I am going to share a video that will explain why and what we really need to focus prayer on when it comes to Israel. The video is here:
Let me share for those who have trouble downloading and listening to these videos that John Kilpatrick is warned by God that if we continue to participate in the splitting of Israel, an Earth Quake of huge proportions will occur in Central USA to split us. It will run from Illinois to Missouri following the New Madrid quake fault line found in the heartland of the USA. Information on this is found here:
You really want to read this article!
Please pray we support Israel in a way that is productive for Israel and not to split or alter leadership and or ownership of Israel especially Jerusalem.
Also please pray for Israel/Jerusalem in any way you are Holy Ghost led.
Thank you so much!

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