Wednesday, February 10, 2010

E.Q., More on Economy and Beyond

I know I just blogged on economy but my mailbox received a very interesting article after that and I though we all could see and give it some thought too. Check it out here:
If you find yourself reading this article a couple of three times to give consideration to who was in the article, Secretary Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security, and what it is about, providing employment to people of 11 other countries when our own unemployment rate is still so high, yes, if you are doing double takes, you are not alone. What are people thinking? What is expected of us to do about something like this? Praying goes without saying; like praying for the ability to even take care of our own? Maybe we should pray to believe WE matter in our leaders eyes and in their thinking and maybe even more so then random others who don't even carry our beliefs or burdens of protection? Pretty frustrating news at best.

This isn't the only prayer focus though. I see by this next article Abbas of the Palestinians is trying to bring grief to Israel and when I look at who is obliging with him, I again shake my head and make a determination to increase the praying for Jerusalem. The article is here:
It's like reading out of the Bible in Ezekiel, Daniel, and other similar books that show revelation of these times.

And last, please let me share what a prominent blogger had happen to him. Alex Jones of Info Wars/Prison Planet experienced the internet censorship we have all heard is coming.
What I like about this article is that it was unsuccessful in any lengthy duration to keep Jones censored and hope we take note as to why it was unsuccessful. The 'users' of the internet made the difference so remember your buying power. We've been appreciating our voting power and the effect it had in Massachusetts but it seems we the people have buying power yet too. It is nice to have these powers without stepping over the line with the use of them. Lest our zeal eats us up!

And just in from another watcher before blogging today, here is an article about the earthquake in Illinois only 45 miles from Chicago.
For those who remember the prophecy that a quake coming from Chicago over to the Mississippi River, this will carry special interest. Yes, things are popping so thank you all for helping to keep the watch. It is important to do this!

Be well and safe remembering our military to most certainly hold them up in prayer also. And by that I mean “us;” the Lord's army.

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