Monday, February 1, 2010

3.83 Trillion New budget proposal?

3.83 Trillion New budget proposal?
Over the weekend, we did bring praying via a phone conference call to an end. But we are to continue praying for it is not long that the Red River Valley rivers will be back in the annual flood watch and there are certainly many other things of concern happening. Here is a web-site page to continue to follow the Awake Minnesota events:
One of those things to otherwise watch is....President Obama's proposed budget. It is a 3.83 Trillion proposed budget. What on earth is he planning? Here is his video explanation about his budget proposal:
This is about a ten minute video where President Obama defends his budget proposal.
In spite of all Obama has said here, could this budget be used to fund a give-away to the Taliban? Check this out:
This is about a two minute video of news on the subject of paying Taliban to lay down their guns. I still shake my head about this one. How absolutely absurd! Do our people in position of authority in this area know our enemy?
On Saturday I listened to a web-cast stream from an eastern college where there were speakers concentrating on the Constitution of the USA and our need to make sure our representatives and political candidates know and understand what the Constitution is and that they know how to interpret the 'original intent' of the Constitution. When you meet with your parties candidates, that will be a good question to ask! “Do you know what is in the Constitution of the USA and do you know what the original intent of that Constitution is?”
Another happening was explained about how some congress members are passing on the duties of things surrounding the constitution to others under the guise that they, the congress men and women are too busy to do that area of their duties and the lesser informed people are not up to constitutional knowledge speed. That would bring conflict, clearly.
Questions came in and were answered for people from various parts of the USA. My question must have been one, probably of millions, that didn't get to the podium however here it is:
“Does the President of the USA have a right to make an executive order that would sign away a constitutional right of the USA over to a United Nations or some other global power to proceed in our county without respect to our constitutional law for its citizens and if he does, what is the process to challenge this act; and or get protection back to citizens against such invasion of global powers above USA citizen rights?”
Even though that question was not asked directly and an answer given in response, I must say I heard several times the answer within the content of the speakers. And that answer is: “If the elected people in power to represent the USA are not doing so in line with the constitution, change that situation at the polls.”
We are encouraged to know our constitution and if it is being properly instituted. Make the elected officials 'responsible' for carrying out the constitution. If elected officials are falling short of the job, VOTE THEM OUT!
We have our work cut out for us. We definitely do need to keep praying and also act. Know who to vote for and get out and vote. We know the impact voting is just from the recent Massachusetts election of Scott Brown.
Already I am watching who are our registered candidates even now. You can know where and when the caucus of your parties choice is being held, how to attend and what to expect if you do attend.
Constitution Party:
Green Party:
Independence Party:
Libertarian Party:
Republican Party:
Click on to the site of your choice and get involved as you are led. Like one person said, “Your children and or grandchildren future is at stake!”
Let's at least please pray about it.

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