Friday, January 29, 2010

Mississippi Conference Call!

What a speedy 100 year long days we are having! These days even press on into the night. This evening I had the privilege of calling in on the conference call to pray to Abba Father over the Mississippi River for 'Father mercy'!
Karen Krueger with Awake Minnesota, Call to the Wall, Minnesota Reformation Prayer Network was on the phone line leading us in prayer for Abba Father's mercy to come up the mighty Mississippi River. As she prayed, others of us on line agreed and prayed in turn as the LORD led or brought back to mind things for us to share with one another. One of Karen's well expressed desires is that others join in so that nobody needs to feel like an island onto themselves. No one needs to feel they are alone as long as Karen is calling us to the wall! Please call in and become a network of prayer warriors; intercessors. Not that you need do anything but call and just listen if that is all you want to do.
The process is certainly easy enough. Just pick up your phone and dial 231 962 8000 and once that number is established you are invited to dial in this conference code 529279# Be sure and punch in the # sign via that special button on your phone like it shows...529279#. You will hear folks on the phone line already talking and Karen will soon say, "Did somebody just join us?" and that is when you say, "Yes, I am _____" and Karen will ask where you are calling from which in my case is Baxter, MN. Karen will coordinate conversation, prayer and sharing with clear explanations of the ongoing interactions. It is a privilege to be in unity together in this endeavor. You will be blessed and it is a joy! Also, it is free!!!
Spread the word. Share this info far and don't have to be in Minnesota only to do this. People all the way up and down the Mississippi or who just know and want to call in, may do so and please participate. All are welcome! We asked Abba Father to go global with His mercy tonight. We are confident He is and all glory to Him! Now I understand 1/30/2010 is the last night for this so set your clock for 9:01 P.M. and join in on this last and final conference call!
It's a Call to the Wall!
Bless us Jesus by joining in with us at the Wall I pray. In Your Name. Amen.

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