Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Warning for us!

Did any of you, during the time of the passing of the health care bill, when encouraged to notify your senator or representative to vote against the bill, did any of you get a call from someone believed to be a Republican, or a tea party person, or at least a person not FOR the proposed health care bill? Did that person performed a bit on the tough, rude and crude side?

I did. Twice.

It occurred to me that person calling was really FOR the bill and was only performing to make those against the bill sound and appear moronic. So when I saw this article, I thought...not surprised here! Check it out:

I remember the first resistance that Pres. Obama seemed irritated with was the tea party people. They were people who seemed wholesomely exercising a voice which is NORMALLY a part of being American; I mean American as in a person who lives in the United States. “Why would that irritate our President,” I thought. Yet it did and does.

The tea party group seems to thrive though. I understand the tea party folks are looking into a becoming a Federation. You can determine your thoughts on that at this article:,2933,590622,00.html

It seems to be something that is being considered after a tea party convention. It was held in Nashville Tennessee.

I have to say Fox news is good at reporting and following up on a given subject and this topic is no exception.

Here is a web site where the tea party crashers advertise their nasty intents: This site changes daily so hope they are still showing their true colors when you click it up but I just wanted to bring to light some of the workings going on in the JQ public so to speak. Tea party assemblers have by and large been wholesome folks and if we start to find them seemingly nasty, consider that nasty person may just be a crasher, not a true tea party person.

One more thing. Tea Party folks calmly remind us that at the Fall elections we can make a difference by who we vote for. Right along with that reminder comes another reminder that a special army unit will be ready to be deployed on American soil this Fall. See it here:

And the site to carefully read that is posted at the end of this article that makes things much more clear is:

It is a 2008 article but I wrote the book, Running From Martial Law, so I am not a bit surprised that this special forces being ready to be released on American soil has been ready for some time already and seriously folk, I think our sharing that we intend to exercise our voting rights this Fall merely triggered the counter play that “they” have a special military force ready to go, is a effort to try to oppress us. Some might call it a threat. Yes, read both of these articles closely and know we do not need to be afraid to vote. WE DON'T. We just need to do it calmly and peacefully. Start now checking out who to vote for so you may do the voting wisely too. Pray your way to the polls!

Well, here is something we all are invited to see. Even the crashers. No fear in this...or is there?

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