Monday, April 26, 2010

Freedom Now! But What is Planned for Later?

Please do it peacefully.”

On a mission trip we did a drama where the unholy angels hissed and projected 'evil will' projections toward the holy angels that were protecting a young mother and baby. The grandmother of the family is on her knees praying near the mother and child. The holy angels stood straight and peacefully firm with their arms crossed against the unholy angels until Jesus arrived on the scene and with but a finger point demanded the unholy angels to leave the scene and they did. Now this was a drama of what happens so many times a day as we pray and stand peacefully firm ourselves in full confidence Jesus IS coming and does so in Spirit right now.

In fact, one of the main ingredients of the tea parties is peace. I am on Glen Beck's mailing list and he sent to me this eye opener and invitation:

It is a pledge of non-violence. The backbone of tea parties. It used to be the backbone of Martin Luther King's marches too. What an incredible time of history making for the USA. Feel free to read these things through and see how you can, if you want, be a participant. I think the key word is FREE. So far we still CAN make this decision freely. Praise God!

Just to make sure we understand how important freedom is, especially for us women, let me please post a couple of items here that have to deal with one of the hardest and most demeaning enemy of women that I know; Sharia law.

So what is Sharia law? Here is a neutral site that talks of Sharia law as a law that can be enforced by force. Ouch!

And this is a site going more to the heart of Sharia law. Which is a Council on Foreign Relations article and the very introduction gives me pause to be concerned. Very concerned as it talks of some interpretations used to justify cruel punishments such as amputation and stoning as well as unequal treatment of women in inheritance, dress, and independence and a whole lot more. If I had to choose which of these two sites to open, I recommend this last one.

I need to stop now and compare this law that hides under religious rights and remind us that not that many years ago our Native Americans argued for the right to use a drug in their religious ceremonies on the bases of freedom of religion. They lost because the drug was illegal...end of story.

So when I saw this video, after a number of stirred up unhappy thoughts of how unfair this is and why is this being allowed? I thought of the failure of something that is not for our good, [in fact illegal acts of torture of being limb dismembered while alive], being barred from discussion, as it shows in this video, really upset me. The need could not even be voiced let alone addressed! See here:

You know what. I just clicked onto this site and the video spot says, “uh-oh ...this video has been removed!” Now isn't that just the way! Well I want you to know the video, over and over and over, revealed PRESSURE to not allow the bringing up of the Sharia Law at the UN meeting to be discussed and European entities were systematically shut down from due process to fight for Islamic woman's rights. I can understand Glen Beck's times of loosing his temper at the frustrating level certain entities can go to have things “their way.” Who is the hidden entity? You know very well that it is coming from within now.

Well, the whole conversation of the video is within the article posted under the video's black blank screen that says “uh-oh.” Read down and be frustrated with me and others who have been bringing this to my attention.

Lets take a look at this next post too and in it is a video that actually is still working and I hope you really quiet down the space around you and listen to it because it carries things about Sharia and finances that needs to be shown here so we get our arms around the ugly truth more fully.

And please especially notice it also deals with bank and selling of American women into slavery in it's headlines.

This is serious posting and still I need to post this page too:

It has a woman pictured being buried alive but you have read these stories before that not only women but their children have been buried alive with them. Some of those stories are logged as “false” stories just like FEMA camps were false at first too but now are being reasoned as “good things” unrealistically.

I know I sound redundant since I have posted a couple of the above things already in the most recent past but we really need to be aware. WHY? Look around you. Here is a current matter at hand. A video where Franklin Graham is NOT invited to the National day of prayer because he spoke straight regarding Islamism. See here: You know without my saying Sharia Law potential is everywhere. Harvard, Minnesota, Michigan, and so on! Have they taken over like we wonder if they will? Not completely but videos about them disappear now don't they. Blogs are penetrated, and expected respected people are being ignored. These are provable facts. Well, I have no doubt more is and does happen and when the time is right for them....what will our freedom be like then? Especially if you are a woman.

Will this post disappear? Another of mine has. Check the blog for Thursday, October 8, 2009, “Pray For Our Soldiers!” I was not notified nor did I give permission for that post to be scrubbed so, yes, possibly it will disappear. But I am giving it my best to warn us to be aware of our freedom now and know what it could look like if what we have now disappears.

I am so reminded of Daniel 11:32 KJV

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”

One last thing for the women. Read is a call to us. Our time to serve the LORD as Esther did is at hand:

Okay....I need Jesus. How about you? I share this music, “None But Jesus.”

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