Monday, April 19, 2010

Islamic World to Bail USA Out?

Islamic World to Bail USA Out?

We have heard of many attempts to restore our country to the Republic for which it stands and not be any further caught up in the corporate method in which our country is presently being run from the white house.

Only a week ago I pondered how the way politics was being done and how could a president get by with such handling of the greatest country of the world. I got my answer when it was pointed out it was a corporate effort. That's it exactly. I looked deeper and found this corporate effort. Now be sure to read the site post comments this time. They are in themselves interesting. But you will see here that Obama does continue to bash US industry but calls for Muslim summit on entrepreneurship.

Out of the list of articles telling us of Obama's search for our economical solutions, I thought this one was interesting too. Economic summit with the Islamic world is scheduled to happen the end of this month in fact. Good thing to put on our prayer list isn't it.
Speaking of prayer. Do you wonder what is happening to our National Day of Prayer? Here you all about it:

How something so good can go bye bye in just a heart beat is something, isn't it. Sad days we are living in! But we must keep looking Jesus full in His wonderful face in the privacy of our own relationship with Him!

This cessation of the National Day of Prayer that was originally sponsored by the white house is apparently the follow up of President Obama, who last year issued a proclamation but refused to host National Day of Prayer ceremonies at the White House, as previous administrations had done. He had a Sept. Muslim rally there though. Hmmm.

Here is a thoughtful look at the situation:

The constitution being rendered unconstitutional? Sounds like a game. What are we doing! Are we frustrated yet?

The restoring of our Republic...going back to no taxes? The postings for this is in the form of email attachments so I can't use them. But they are along the line of Keith Livingway's input. Here is a posting about the effort though:

And within that site I found something I can identify with. A actual feeling of caring about the plight so many of our neighbors and friends and even families are in and a sincere desire to want to do something to help with it. See here!:

Bountiful are the people who sit and say all is well with 'me' and it would be with you too if you would only...and then they insert all sorts of euphemisms and some of them even godly but they are all selfish remarks. I myself am able to take a stay at home and be snug, too, but given a choice, I choose to take action. So I blog. If this return to the Republic succeeds or not, remains to be seen, but I pray for them and praise God for their gumption! I just heard on CNN that there are over 240 of these Republic groups and they are being called hate groups that are anti-government. Further news was that there are over a 1,000 hate groups total according to the news. Pass this blog on so others can read and study and know the REPUBLIC are NOT hate group status!

So, we have corporate, republic and now for our Savior where I hang my hat to blog, write and sale books to fund missions.

In fact this time I will post two special sites, please. First we can know our God is an awesome God and then in video number two we can know personal application. Enjoy!

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