Friday, April 23, 2010

What over earth is happening?

Have you looked up into the sky lately? How it looks hazy and just not as clear as it used to be especially in the west at sunset time? Well here is a video that will enlighten us immensely.

If you can not get this video open as some internet users using dial up have a hard time doing, know that this video tells of the Geo engineered effort to salt the sky with barium and Aluminum by chem trails. A jet plane will expel the chemicals leaving trails and that is called 'chem trails.' The video will tell about it very detailed. Like how children are having more upper respiratory infections that just don't seem to fully heal. Waters are contaminated. Land is contaminated. Skies are hazy. I don't know but I am glad for the heads up this info brought to me so on a particularly day or three when the sky is filled with chem trails , I want to not be outside so much. You see, on the days that the jets leave long wide and lingering chem trails, it takes three days to clear...unless it rains.

People tell of mental confusion on those days; headaches and more. The studies that only select watchers used to do are now being discovered by school children who are doing ecology school projects and are catching the interest of the scientific community. The tests are becoming the proof in the pudding. Facts on the acts of chem trails.

What is going on that aluminum and barium are being salted into the atmosphere? To diminish the global warming. Stop too much of the sun from reaching planet earth. The chemicals are to reflect the sun's rays back up where it came from. Here is a very short and to the point explanation for those who are wanting the story in a nutshell.

Please, if you want to know how powerful prayer is and at the same time lift up the LORD, go to this site and may our God be glorified.

We really do need to not neglect Our Father but acknowledge indeed how Great He is. And read the need to not neglect our country but pray for it gathered together as we have been doing for years. This video does this.

May God bless us as we persevere.

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