Monday, April 12, 2010

What's happening?

The first week in April plus, I was on a gospel mission trip to McAllen, Texas. It was a God-filled time of sharing and receiving from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We united with a Christian church that was full to overflowing with wonderful God praising people. We jointly visited homes and prayed for and encouraged people, visited and interacted with lovely folks in an adult day care, and presented a VBS to 60 to 90 children.

We were blessed to get up at 4 A.M. or shortly thereafter every morning in order to be at the church to pray with the church members from 5 to 6 A. M. every day.

Church members fed us daily and invited us to their homes for BBQs and in 70 to 85 degree weather, that was a delight!

3 people came to salvation, one to re-dedication, and 29 to immersion water baptism.

The point I wish to make here is that God is still occupying and we should too. One of the things we experienced is to hear our host peoples testimony only minutes after encountering them. The drivers of our vans would share their stories with little to no provocation. And throughout we found this to be the norm. Shouldn't we be doing the same? Establishing who we are in Christ Jesus?

Lets occupy!

So, what was happening while I was gone? You sent me profoundly interesting articles and heads-up types of emails!

I am still checking some of them out. The one about China wanting only gold backed interactions with our banks to their banks and other international banks hesitating to deal with the USA also is still being checked out. China does seem to be showing a deficit in their international banking and their nervousness could be real all right. You may read more about that here:

But the one of great importance is the suggestion that God will be moving with great holiness on Pentecost which is May 23rd. To better understand, go to this page:[sViewPointer]=1&cHash=6a1f6e2e6fd63aa7bf1dc95f60905949

The meat of the article instructing worship with our foreheads to the floor is not till the end of the article so please take time to read everything! I don't want you to miss out.

And another shocker is this LONG radio station broadcast where land in Las Vegas has been set aside for people to become a sovereign nation within our nation with our nation being the US and the new one being the USA. The flag on the sovereign nation has the stripes running up and down where the present US flag runs horizontal. More info on that can be found here:

Click onto the radio broadcast for the date of April 8 click onto the LISTEN section or the starts getting serious 13 minutes into this 2 hour plus long talk show. It immediately becomes hindered first with beeping and goes on from there.

This is a work that is unfolding.

The home site for the people setting up the sovereign USA nation within our US nation we already have is here:

One thing I do agree with was sent to me by a friend and fellow watcher: If we are a nation that is going to be divided we will certainly fall - Matthew 12:25”

There is a Restore America plan that is considered a part of the solution but it is NOT what this is about. To understand the Restore America plan, check here:

The guidelines for this project are listed and clear in the article. One almost needs a bulletin to keep track since so much is happening.

I am for scheduling another mission trip and be about the LORD's business that has been and is and will be until His imminent catching away; and maybe beyond. He knows.

Let me leave you with this stabilizing music of our Lord:

When we cast...let it be the casting of crowns...yes?

May God bless us all!

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