Monday, October 5, 2009

Another call to prayer for us!

First, see this video of a Moslem 16 year old girl who chose Jesus and now has to escape the prescribed Islam death. This is amazing! We must pray for her! Rifqa Bary’s testimony.
Sometimes things go different then what we expect and here we have a case where instead of giving birth to a child for him to live, it is a case of giving birth of a child knowing he is going to die. There is a bit of David in me. He prayed face down for two weeks before his child was born dead to per chance persuade God to change His mind. I think of how this little guy is so wanted and loved already that I too am praying this little tyke lives too. Accept the challenge and join me in what we normally think is impossible for with God it IS possible, you see! Check it out here:
Thanks prayer warriors!
Starting out Monday “with the Lord” is so awesome. Check out this “Cheer leaders for the Lord” article and click onto the videos in the article. I hope I live where we would be equally as enthusiastic for Jesus as this whole town is!

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