Friday, October 2, 2009

Is he, Obama, qualified or not??

Every president of the USA HAS to be a citizen of the USA. The battle if President Obama is a citizen or not continues and has lacked a judge and a court that would take the case to settle that question. Well, here are two articles that are incoming that a Judge has been found that will try the case and pre-hearing is set for Jan. 11, 2010 with the actual trial being Jan. 26, 2010. These articles posted here, if they come up by the time you click on them for things like this get taken off the web pretty quickly sometimes, show his birth certificate from Kenya. I have seen his birth certificate from Hawaii, and school application in Indonesia but this is the first Kenyan certificate I’ve seen and frankly, it is the best looking certificate so far.
First site: This one carries general hospital certificate information; not a official birth certificate. The official one is something the judge is asking to have furnished for the court.
And the Second site: In this one the news is about a two line input not far down from the top of the page.
The only thing different about this entry is that a judge finally took the case.
The Judge’s name is David Carter. I have put him on my prayer list.

AND just in, article and video here show Rep. Michele Bachmann stating health care bill at present could allow students to get an abortion as a matter of a regular school day procedure without parents becoming any the wiser. See here:
I can’t EVER seem to get my arms around this health care bill!

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