Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shadow Government

This summer I heard a Christian speaker talk about a Secret Service man sitting next to him on a jet explaining how his job was to obtain food, water and other supplies to stock underground bunkers for Government individuals should a disaster strike our land.
I also received an email about a “shadow government.” I have finally been able to check into it more carefully as different things were brought to my attention by you readers of this blog. Things like the signing over of our sovereignty to the UN only to find our sovereignty has already been signed over in part this last summer as Pres. Obama took the head of security of the UN and allowed foreign countries to come practice Martial law on us. Those countries were Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The time frame was the end of July into the first part of August. Since then we have seen town by town and city by city including Indian Reservations “practice” signal lights out, phone stoppage of both land lines and cellular, and main routes of cities compromised to see if the local authorities could handle everything if an untoward attack was aimed at us unforeseen. It became apparent some towns will not be passable unless you know alternative routes. In other words, we, even in our small towns, are vulnerable to sudden shut downs. Officials in full force will not be able to keep the traffic flowing.
What will the federal and or state officials do for ‘their’ safety? Underground bunkers. Check out this video. It is only one of many reports of hidden bunkers springing up, or should I say down, across our land?
This video is pretty self explanatory as to how the land and place of underground property was obtained but seriously, the following interactive video map of the USA will show you how our land is already plotted out at a federal level at the encouragement of the UN for securing use of our land across the USA at little to no effort. It has been going on for years already. When viewing this map, it will stop at item #5 and will not play item #5 which is “Establishing Government Authority.” [Interesting, huh?] To finish the presentation, click on #6 of the left handed menu beside the map.
I can’t help but include this site, also, just for the sake of showing where a little eleven year old girl stands on her Christianity against practices that are adversely being done on Earth Day at the school she was attending. What a gallant little girl!
Doesn’t Agent 21 also known as agenda 21 kind of make one feel surrounded? Well, I rest in the LORD. He has us better surrounded. Into His hands we can commend our spirit. Psalm 91 to us all again!

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