Monday, October 26, 2009

II Amendment going …going…gone!

II Amendment…the right to bear arms. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California signed California’s II amendment away in person. It always amazes me what a stroke of a pen can do. See this article:
And here too:
But I was given to know he who has a gun has been experiencing ongoing gun control in a underhanded backdoor way for some time according to this article:
And also here as first seen and passed on to me by one of you at:
Yet, it seems Tennessee ‘watched’ and did something productive about it to escape the backdoor registration. See this article and read the first two paragraphs carefully:
And also read Tennessee’s confirmation to escape the backdoor registration at: Speaking up DOES help!

Now, right along with all of this and a whole lot more, see this over two hour long video about the “Fall of the Republic” where you will be hearing more truth then you probably want to know. You will be able to apply end time scripture to much of it and be able to see “hype” is coming from high up individuals to manipulate us that we should be aware of things that are not even accurate and then we are blamed for it. You will be seeing who is who and what their global elitist agenda is as they sit at their desks and push the right global buttons; Even regarding the one world monetary system that is coming and why it will be done. That will be evident about 20 minutes into the video. When “global” is being expressed, realize it is really being said, “One World Government.” In fact about one hour into the video is “climate” information along with a more complete picture of what we are approaching. Kyoto Protocol info is being monitored way beyond Lord Monckton and be sure and push that little curser at the bottom of the video screen to the 1:20 minutes area into this video to hear how Obama is eradicating the II Amendment for all the world to know. And also to 1:40 minutes to hear about the co2 climate control issue. And if you are watching for how close we are to a policed state, go to 1:54 minutes into the video. So much to shutter at!
This is so diabolical that if we were not in end times where we can and do anticipate God’s intervention, we would self destruct as a world, period. It takes courage to take a look at this but I for one find I only want to worship God all the more since He indeed is our only, only, only hope ever.
Peace is spelled: Sholem [Yiddish], Peace [English], Paz [Spanish], Mir [Croatian] , Rauha [Finnish], Síocháin [Irish], Paix [French]. And may it be GOD’S; HOLY FATHER, SON JESUS CHRIST, and HOLY GHOST’S PEACE to us all.

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