Saturday, October 31, 2009

MORE developing truths of “USA” and vaccines!

Today I realized I will be gone Monday and not around to do my customary blogging so I took a look at the emails coming in to see what I could blog today instead. Clearly a video of how the USA is viewed by the Finnish Minister of Health tells it like it is without restraint that the USA is out of order when it comes to the H1N1 vaccine and flu shots period and has been for years with a money motivational drive and population control objective. WOW! See it here:

Then as if to clarify and validate her input, these next videos are by an extremely qualified and honorable USA man, Gary Null, who proves her correct and overwhelmingly so. His input is a series of three distinct videos. Even though he has made more then these three, these three need watching in a order; one after the other. What he reveals is astounding beyond what has been here-to-fore shared or even discovered except now by him and others who have worked with him scientifically and without prejudice. They really are astounding!
So I blog this early and thank God I held off getting the flu shot myself. If it is my time to go to be with Jesus for evermore, so be it. If not, I pick to live as well as I can without fearing later residual side effects that maim and cripple. It has been a curious thing to me in the past that sometimes I took the vaccine and still got sick and sometimes with only three to four hours after the injection and from the vaccine itself. My understanding has just been enlightened why that is. I also remember getting the 1976 vaccine and became very ill afterwards. Maybe that has been my main reason for holding back to not get the H1N1 vaccine this time or maybe it is because I just think I’ve had it so accept the immunity and praise the Lord. But after viewing these videos, I would not get the vaccine no matter what now!
Here’s praying for a great month of November 2009 for us all!

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