Friday, October 9, 2009

Will your town be next?

I am on the road and with a free tiny period of time, I have stopped to check my email while I could. Right off the top I found this article in my inbox. It rang reminicent of a phone conversation I had about three nights ago and some other emails I have gotten so I take the moment I do have to blog and share with you all this special forebording news with a reminder to 'pay attention.' We ARE living in a new day and time where things we do not neccesarily like really do happen. An American Police Force is getting way to close to being a reality and I suggest you read this article thoroughly. Click onto both of these articles actually.
Folks, where you are getting poo-pooed about being paranoid, fear mongering, being dumb, stupid and silly, remember, it has been "our prayers" that has staved off the things we heard about and then prayed about them that caused much that would have come to pass to harm us to NOT come to pass because God is the God of us and He hears and answers our prayers.

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