Monday, December 28, 2009

A decade of high unemployment?

We are just barley finishing Christmas and the economic news hits the first page. The day after Christmas is minimal for customers this year it is said of most places and this article here can shed some light on why:

To see this time that we are in right now being compared with the great depression of 1930 is a bit surprising to see since the dust isn't blowing and the houses don't look like they need painting. Maybe I need only to wait a bit to see the dust blow and as far as the houses not needing paint, well, they are mostly vinyl or steel siding these days aren't they? The closed stores, empty abandoned houses, low shopping census and new money says something though doesn't it? Have you noticed the new money lately? When I go to the bank to get some cash, I get new money that is as crisp as new off the printing press. I always think to myself “what's up with that?” If we “need more money...just print it” type of government? We've been taught that is the forerunner to inflation.

I would like to share an update to the results of the global climate conference. For what Pres. Obama did sign, check this article out:

Fellow sky watchers, this next is for you:

A friend of mine sent me some videos that show people around the world are watching and connecting the dots. In 2008 there was an earth quake in Sichuan, China. Here are videos that show what was happening 30 minutes before the quake:

Then what was happening 10 minutes before the quake:

Then what the sun was doing 10 minutes before the quake:

Then what a dog was doing just before the quake:

It is just nice to know someone else is watching along with us; even from across the sea.

So I leave you with Matthew 24:42 [King James Vision]

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”

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