Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Formats and survival instructions!

So, do you think the radicals have formats? Check this out: It would seem they indeed do. Some even weird ones.
Do WE also have survival instructions? here is a survival guide for runners from martial law. How to Prepare for Martial Law! WOW!
Do you think we could write our own tailor made plan by now? Personalized to our needs. We really should you know. There is a lot of buzz out there that by Dec. 19th the Copenhagen UN meeting will occur and at it we will loose our USA status while the United Nations take over. We are encouraged to be stocked up incase the worse happens. Well, we should be stocked up anyway so why not treat yourself to a early Christmas present of full cupboards and pantry. And don’t forget the water! Okay, it is snowing. Boil the snow for three minutes or longer before drinking it or cooking with it. In the summer, rain water makes great bath water also.
It is not a bad idea to be stocked up for we don’t know the hour or the date you know! We don’t know how long we will have to “occupy” nor in what conditions we will be doing that occupying in.
“Memorized scripture” should be at the top of the personalized list don’t you think?
Not to be anti pastor in a time of need but look what this video expects to happen using pastors in times of Martial Law or disasters. In fact, it even shows what did happen using pastors during hurricane Katrina.
We do have to think about having a strong personal relationship with Jesus of our own don’t we. If we haven’t built up our prayer life too, we’re behind. Best get started immediately! I am having a prayer pot blessing at my house 12/31/09 at noon where we will draw a prayer partner from a hat and pray for that person everyday all year long until 2010’s prayer pot blessing time. Let me know if you want to be included. You know my email address! Or have one of these Prayer Pot Blessings of your own!
In the mean time, the question is, is there ever any time when Martial Law is a good thing and we should welcome and respect it? I keep seeing this video and I would like to share it with you and let you decide. This is tough stuff folks! It is only a couple of minutes long. Listen to the last sentence!

PS. An avid global news watcher alerted me that there is no news coming out of Mekkah news site. WOW…she is right. Check it out.
Do you think they enforced the censorship and if so why? Hmmm.

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