Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Let's start our Christmas celcbration on this blog with a wonderful Christmas card one of you sent.

Then for Christmas candy, lets open this next site about the candy cane another of you sent.

Now to settle back with our Christmas candy cane in hand and listen to this amazing telling of the birth of Jesus, set to music of Amy Grant, a segment that Glenn calls the most politically incorrect on radio today. A Glenn Beck classic you'll want to play over and over again – check out the free audio HERE.

Finally, your gift: Put this site in your favorites for the future! Recognize it anybody? :-)

You will need to add whatever it takes to make the celebration of Christ's birthday at your house more complete for you. Some like to make Jesus a birthday cake, have Happy Birthday balloons and the whole works. Whatever you do, may Christ be the CENTER of it all! And may it be Merry and Bright!

Some of us will be sharing the day's dinner as a community event either to have people to be with or to help serve. May that be a blessed event for those of you too.

Happy Jesus' Birthday to us, one and all, where ever we are or with whom ever we are sharing with! I am sure we can all agree we are glad Jesus was born and that is what we celebrate at the least. Many celebrate much more as the stories above reveal. If you don't share a love for Christ, this is wonderful time to make the eternal decision for the love of Christ in your life.

It is only a matter of making the commitment. You know God is and that He is one Who rewards those who seek Him. You know Jesus is His Son, the anointed Christ. Then if you are ready to turn from your Christ-less ways and live a Christ centered life, pray the following:
"Heavenly Father,
I fall short of Your holy ways and am asking You now to forgive me.
I ask for the forgiveness that Jesus gave me when He died on the cross for my sins.
The way You raised Him from the dead, I know He is Your Son.
I thank You I can be Your child now too.
Help me to follow You from now on all the days of my life here and into all eternity.
In Jesus Christ's holy name I pray. Amen."

Now enjoy Jesus' birthday and pass this on to others. Go to a Word preaching church, get and read the Bible everyday, and PRAY; Simple talk to God everyday praying in the Name of Jesus. He will never leave nor forsake you. Until you can find you a hard-copy Bible, use the one in the Gateway Bible site posted above.
I hope to be back the week after Christmas.
God bless us everyone!

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