Monday, December 7, 2009

Update time!

Over the months that we have blogged, I say we for you have sent me many of the articles, we have blogged much about FEMA, prison camps, concentration camps, homeland security, etc. In keeping with a whole host of recent emails I have received regarding this same topic, I feel we are ready for a refresher blog. The reality of these things have come into a much sharper focus since I first ever blogged them and may be more acutely appreciated now.

These have to do with FEMA concentration camps: prison camp youtube video I think we have all seen before and is well defined. FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders article. Yes, even for Minnesota. youtube of homeland security and concentration camps video and a good one that is from Fox news in part.
This video talks of “Operation Garden Plot.” Here is info on that: After reading this, we can see why it is hard to rise up once these executive orders are put into effect.

Why do we have these camps anyway? They look like they belong to some third world hostile country. Especially the map in the third website that talked about “Operation Garden Plot.” But this is ours…our very own country that is rapidly becoming…..mutated into a New World Order.

Before closing today, I have another special prayer request. A revisited one in fact.
On Monday Oct. 5, 2009 I blogged for us to pray for a young converted Muslim girl named Rifqa Bary. Keeping an eye on her progress, I see she needs us to step up our prayers for her again. See this article please: Rifqa borders on being in solitary confinement via our “systems.”
Thank you for praying.

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