Friday, December 18, 2009

Israel surrounded?

What does Daniel say about when Israel is surronded? Let's see: Luke 21:20
“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.”

Well, how is that compassing coming along? Here are some articles that will help us check out that status:
You will note on this page that there is a steaming across the top of the page of many other articles and in fact those sites are preceded with bullets at the bottom of the page also.

These directly below are efforts of global compassing of Israel:
I understand that out of every 100 people asked to pray, only 5 will pray. WOW! That is not even 10 %! I don't believe that of all of you though and once again I ask for prayer for Israel. For those of us who have been watching, KNOW that there is a lot more going on there then is being reported. Even when I go abroad to keep an eye on news things there, I sense things are further along then what is being posted in the media.

We also know that our time of doing our own posting is drawing to a censured close. It is already happening in parts of the world.
Check this out:
Be sure to click onto the Jay Rockefeller video towards the bottom of this article.

It is not so easy to get some of these articles to me some e-mailers tell me and I too am finding more challenges with articles being visible one minute but gone the next. Some being operable when posted but not after posted. And some comments of blogs by blog watchers complaining how their computer slow down when entering some of the stronger blog sites like “Info Wars.”
I'm willing to keep posting as long as I can so if you find something you thik should be seen by all, mail it to me and I will check it out!

And of course with closing, I once again ask you praying people to PLEASE remember Israel right along with our own country. There are things that are written that WILL come to past but to see the Apple of God's eye suffer unduly before it's time is on our watch! Let's post ourselves a note and remember to pray daily for Jerusalem.

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