Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watchers! Watch!

The healthcare bill is continuing its way to the senate where is it expected to sail through without a hitch. We have said lets look toward the Fall elections and the wisdom is to look toward those Fall elections wisely. I read a blog where a man said Pres. Obama would like nothing better then to have a bunch of greenhorns in office that he can bamboozle over in a heart beat. So now is the time to be paying ATTENTION to who is running and what is the stats behind that runner? Don't approach the polls blindly ever. We don't want worse but we DO want to make our point. We do need to make it known we matter and it is okay that we matter. When politicians think they can go ahead and not listen to their constituents and force unwanted legislation down our throats as it were, we seriously HAVE to send a message. The message of Scott Brown for Massachusetts wasn't enough so we do need to calmly and peaceable send a stronger message. So let's be watching now in order to vote our best this Fall.


what is the next plan of President Obama to bring to “fixing?” Immigration problems? Well, we need to start praying and anticipating how that will be done for the main method of handling the immigration problem has been thinking to incorporated National IDs.

Where are we at with National IDs?

The last time I wrote about National ID cards, it was along the line of E-verify. See here:

A system of electronic eligibility of someone to work. If they are registered electronically and carry a card that says so, they could get a job. It would rule out the illegal immigrants for they would not be able to obtains such a card.


How do these cards work on the whole. What is their future? Remember Social Security numbers were never supposed to be used as randomly as they are now either. Yet they are and its use is NOW needing some curtailing secondary to identity theft.

Ironically National IDs carry a silver bullet at stopping the Illegal immigrants in their tracks but at what cost? Our privacy could be horribly compromised. We are tracked in so many ways already via even Google. We are monitored and targeted regarding what and how many times we look up any one thing and advertising and manufacturing hinges of that information and more. I am using the simple explanation here. To better explain the depth of what I am talking, check out these two sites. This one is a “Double Edged Sword” article: It is about biometric methods being used in war and what if it escalates to common everyday use with in our country? Privacy compromised!

This next one is a eye opening video regarding the biometric ID system! Jim Harper is on Russia Today's The Alyona Show (International) here.

We are now able to better see the use of such a system even when reduced down to a simple National ID card in how it could invade our privacy to an extent we really do not want. We want to encourage our Government officials to seek a different way to monitor and deter illegal immigrants. THIS form must be squelched before it is used against US and our “FREE” country fades even more!

I know through out the health care bill struggle, I looked into alternative methods of changing health care more slowly and wisely without going to such a close parallel of socialized medicine and found it in vain for having done so since nobody listened. So I don't throw out suggestions here myself about how to handle the illegal immigrants but encourage our elected officials who ran for the privilege to brain storm this out. We need to watch and agree or not agree with their suggestions and expect we as a majority will be listened to and respected when we let them know how we feel.

So already this next battle is at hand. Again we need to watch and pray and act appropriately be it to contact our representative or respond in some other wise way and always keep election alternatives in mind when we become not respected no matter how many times that happens before election time.

Of course, there is always impeachment......

P.S. Are you busy and want a real quick look at illegal immigration reform via Nation ID? Click onto this very short article up:

I leave you with this parting thought. One commenter on one of the Schumer's articles said to not take the mark. You can join what is to come [meaning the holy Kingdom of God] or you can take the mark but you can't do both. It's your choice.

One of the things we do not want to do is this: This is a video on Christian Warrior End Time Militia...also being called the Hutaree that are in Michigan.

This video induces the fact that Homeland Security are involved:

Okay, it's getting more heated out there. Lets watch and listen to this for balance:

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