Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Camps for dissidents readied.”

I was asked if I really believed there were camps being made ready to incarcerate us. I hope you who asked get a chance to see the below website for today. I guess I DO believe this is NOT hype.
Thank you to all who are sending me articles with the article's websites attached. I am using them to Blog here as you can see. Amazing finds you are making one and all. Thank you for also praying for me to successfully Blog them too. It is a challenge at times. Some disappear on me. Thank you for letting me know when that happens too. The CNN one of Sat. Aug. 22, 09 came back as ‘operation aborted’ by some of you…maybe all of you even. I retried it again myself and experienced the same. Hmmmm. Well, If I disappear from the Blog, give me a while, I will try to return in Face book or something.

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