Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello from my heart!

So far I have been blogging input received from you and am amazed at all the really avid “watchers” communicating to me. There are folks that email extra and some who share first hand across the living room space, plus the phone calls and I love all the methods of contact we use. Thank you all so much and please keep your input coming!
But today I would like to share from my heart. I have been watching end time things for the last 30 plus years and the past couple of years things have been fireballing toward us. The last nine months in fact have been super rapid, yes?
Yet, I have such peace with in and all around me. I sense this peace is radiating from other Christians I am in touch with too. Isn’t it amazing how God is giving us such peace? Lets praise Him for that and stay in that peace! In fact, lets spread this peace with believers we know who could still use that peace we have been given for it is for them too!
What might be the most important thing we could share with our non-believers? It can’t be fear. What does it matter how ready a dissentient camp is being made for us? A shopping mall, a huge church or series of churches and schools can and have in the past been made ready for masses of people and can rapidly be made ready again so what is to fear about them? Rather, I asked myself, “What would I do if I was rounded up and placed into one of those camps?” Without hesitation I realized I would go around and start to see who would be interested in escaping though Christ Jesus. Yes, I would present with them the opportunity to come with me and escape and when they gather together I would share Jesus’ salvation with them. I would keep my eye on the takers and see if we could in turn do an actual escape physically after we had our spiritual one in place.
I guess I would encourage you to watch who you throw your towel in with, though. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest will be added unto you.” [Matt. 6:33 KJV]
Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be careful you are seeding into God’s Kingdom and not man’s and seed never in a passionate heat of the moment nor out of fear. Seek ye the LORD first.
Prepare to be like the New Testament first time ever Christians, only expect Jesus to show up on your scene with even greater glory then when He did at first. One of the things I have noticed this summer is there is such a thing as an anointed prayer shawl. As the summer unfolded I also became aware of anointed veils and now anointed prayer cloths! Remember in the New Testament how an apostle would walk past a person and their shadow would bring forth a miracle and hankies would become anointed and bring forth miracles? So what is so strange about prayer shawls and prayer cloths doing that now? I never had a prayer anything except for a prayer closet but now I see the anointing of the aforementioned objects and after prayerful consideration about them, I see God bringing to us personally that grand anointing we would normally go to large gatherings to seek. We can have that right in our homes now and many of us are doing just that. Joining together and praying together and, praise God, the anointing is falling right in our living rooms and/or kitchens! All it takes is two or three as you know.
It occurs to me God is getting us ready for when we won’t be able to gather together in large groups and it will be up to us to quietly ‘keep on keeping on’ where we pray our food in and our drinkable water in and especially salvation in to whomever needs it and it is safe to offer it to them for we will see them in tears seeking after that salvation they know they need. Our Spirit will confirm with their Spirit.
Reports of healing right in our beds while we sleep are becoming more common place.
I sense Jesus is working overtime to help us be ready for anything that is coming by building up our faith wonderfully and marvelously. We really have no need to fear with a God that is so magnanimous!
Holy Ghost leadings are being shared daily by believers who find scriptures being opened up to them when they faithfully just go to the Bible and read!
The outpoured knowings of the God Head; Three In One; Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost are being received and shared daily.
There is something about when something is shared by “God” to us that takes the fear right out of it…something like, if God be for us, who can be against us, right? Well, when God says read Jeremiah and where it says He will bring the north against Jerusalem and Judea, insert “USA” instead and read it that way. WOW. God who is going to judge the nations is about to judge the USA? Well, when that news comes from God the Holy Ghost, don’t you accept it readily and pay attention and share the news of it out to others? And then don’t you and others agree to pray together in repentance and for forgiveness and for the mercy of God to dispel the judgment we all know so very well we really do deserve but being under the redemptive blood of the Lamb we plead anyway and hope for pity? And well we should for our children’s and grandchildren’s sakes and the souls of those who need yet to become saved! Yes.
I communicate with missionaries and they are being sooooo blessed in their areas of calling. Not only are their God given talents being blessed but their areas of assignment is being blessed as well.
We have so much to thank and praise and worship God for and about. This whole next week I will be doing that and I really don’t expect to be able to blog but send me the emails on your heart and I will search them for the following week’s blogging!
In the mean time, remember Psalms 91 today and everyday!
God bless us everyone!

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