Friday, August 14, 2009

Mass Graves

Okay, yesterday was medical murder. Today what came in is….Mass graves ready to go in a prominent city in the USA. Well, there is more then one city with mass graves ready to go but I only have this mass grave video web site to refer you too right now:
This is a hot day in August and I feel shivers after watching this video. How about you? As chilled as I feel now, I don’t know how I will ever make it warmly through the winter…but then, maybe many of us won’t, period.
Lord have mercy!
We need to Semper Fi, yes? Check that out at web site:
It means “Always faithful.” We need to Semper fi with Christ Jesus. Yes? Get in line with being faithful to Him and seeking His faithfulness to us. When we are His, that happens….His faithfulness. That is one of the points in “Running From Martial Law.” Semper Fi…today is a good day to do that for the rest of our lives and may our lives be eternal.
Look up for our redemption draws nigh.
Have a good day. A really good day. In Christ Jesus we can do that.

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