Sunday, August 9, 2009

martial law news

I have been getting emails from end time watchers same as myself and here are some websites you may find very interesting.
FEMA to Conduct Massive NLE 09 Martial Law Exercise Next Week
Population “Relocation” Section of FEMA Document Missing
[Dot, Here is the information on the sure and read the last paragraph. As we came through the midwest this last week, we saw many many of new and interesting shaped towers simular to the ones on this site. All of this page is quite interesting, yes, but it is only one of so many that could be googled up.]
These deal with martial law, potential relocation process of populations within the USA, and things being seen 'in the neighborhood' that are bothering towers springing up everywhere and are being called "oh, they are just simple cellular towers." We have much we can know and there is so much other information being passed on by word of mouth, also, that people feel too scared to even write on their computers.
My book, "Running From Martial Law" is ending up being really quite timely, I see.

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