Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drivers License Credit Card and Chip Implanting

A new day has arrived and in more then one way. The pick of today, so far, is the drivers license credit card. Imagine going to a gas pump, slipping in your drivers license to pay for the gas, and you are done. Easy and fast and fitting right in with the cashless society that is predicted to come along with the pace of end time things.
To see what I am typing on about here, go to web address:
Doesn’t that look like something we all would feel is harmless and such a convenience? Or is it? Does it, instead, usher in the machinery of the beast? Kind of like the microchip. You see, just what else is on that drivers license? What is that magnetic strip and all those broken up black squiggly lines saying? Is anything private and personal anymore?
What’s up with the micro chip? Okay. Item number two for today. The micro chip. Go to web address:
Yes, it is some more of the Big Brother technology but I have written the deed done in the exact location in the book “Running From Martial Law” and I wrote that before I saw the picture of it. You see the picture showed the tiny chip planted right in-between the thumb and first finger where our hand is soft and the skin is elastic and it is showing plenty of extra space. Sorry I can’t copy the picture here but the web address is:
Well, this is enough for today. Not all of the news but enough to ponder on for today. Actually, pondering is good. One should have plans and to have an idea of what you may do if the time gets too rough, say like martial law is squeezing in and you don’t know what to do. Seriously, you should have a plan.
My plan is to keep my eyes on Jesus and pray to be worthy to escape the things I see coming. Of course the only way that can happen that I be found worthy is by the redemptive blood of the Lamb. Should things get too rough BEFORE the escape is provided? I will continue to trust and pray but I clearly will try to run and hide until God’s indignation passes if it becomes necessary. Maybe that will require food supplies. How is your inventory?

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