Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Push!

We are in for a treat today. A friend sent me the most delightful video on ‘The Push.” Click here to see it:
Doesn’t it just speak to you? Aren’t you working with somebody who you would so much like to just give a tiny little push for them to draw closer to Jesus so they can get ready for Jesus like we are ready? Me too. I have given a good number of my books away to folks who are tilting on the edge of the cliff and need 'The Push'…just a tiny little nudge.
Not long ago I stood behind a man and prayed for him to not give up reaching for all that God has for him and I am so glad I did stand in that gap for soon he did get up and seek a closer relationship with our Lord. We had a heart warming peek at God’s glory as he received.
A friend of mine recently bought 5 of “Running From Martial Law” books for Christmas gifts. That was sure an act of love! Five little pushes coming up!
Have a great day while it is still summer. These warm sunny partly cloudy days are so welcome.
So SMILE, God loves you!
And He is good….all the time.

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