Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emergency Prayer Request

Let me please start right off with an emergency prayer request for our soldiers in Iraq and everywhere they may be, actually. They are smitten with the swine flu and are doing well compared to others but imagine the misery. Go to web site for details.

If that is not enough, the pick of posting today is grizzly. Medical Murder.
Brrrr. That is colder then the middle of winter in Minnesota. Don’t believe me? Go to web site:
[I see nothing wrong with plugging another’s writing other then my own.]
This carries too many insights to ignore. Opps. I am a baby boomer and that triggers empathy all of it’s own. But, really, we are facing health care crises coming that is un-fathomable. Sure, the way it is right now leaves a lot to be desired even for myself as I soon face becoming uninsurable or at least limited but to welcome the boogie man to replace what is difficult is sure not my idea of a good solution! Also, what is the big hurry? Why the forcing of a change while the answers are not clear yet? Not clear at all!
How does that fit in with ‘Running From Martial Law?” I would rather be on the run and without medical care that would kill me. Better I die naturally trying my best then laying there and letting someone neglect, or gladly assist me to an earlier death then our good Lord intended! WE have known for life times, ours and our parents and grandparents life times, you get what you pay for….not what Uncle Sam pays for; Uncle Sam has more of a tendency to tip us upside down and shake our pockets out!
What happened to the idea of working with our insurance companies? Perhaps asking for tailor made policies just for individual to individual? Insurance companies could create a whole range of policy offers instead of just a few policies with not much variation.
And, we could get back to biblical healings. There are plenty of people gifted by God to help us seek God’s healing. It could happen. Seriously. What is it Jesus used to say? Something like, “Oh you of little faith.”
I think I will go eat something healthy and read in the book of Acts. Join me!
But before I sign off, let me share a heads up from another emailer. She sent:
"On Fox News last eve they said to keep calling, writing or e-mailing your congress men against this health care bill-the battle is not over yet!!!"
Lets do it!

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