Saturday, August 22, 2009

Health Care Plans and more on mass graves

Wow. I just goggled health care plans and got 192,000,000 responses to check out. We are out of control with nobody knowing what it going on. I listen to town hall meetings and folks on the go to get to the people who are plain Janes and Joes like me and I read and watch news from local to federal levels and the common tread is NOBODY has the answers and NOBODY is ready to go with a guaranteed workable plan. The push is from one end of the spectrum to the other. Those who “want it now” and those that say “please wait.” I am with the “please wait” group even if my needs are not met in the mean time.
Would you build a house if you don’t have the money to do it? And yet the common answer as to “how will this be paid for” is, “we don’t know yet.” “How will we find doctors enough to cover our office visits” is answered with “I know we don‘t have enough right now. We need to stimulate that field.“…same with finding nurses enough for our USA needs.
I just listened to scenarios of death panels needing to decide if we have enough money to take care of our senior citizens under government health care plans and the answer was that nobody will sit on panels deciding who will live and who won’t. What? That has already been a part of our society and in our faces since Terry Schiavo. See how it was at least fightable then even if “life” lost in her case, by going to web site:
It occurs to me this fight will not be a privilege for the future people hanging in a balance with irreversible health issues when we have governmental health care. We already lost it.
I am re-visiting this issue because we can and should voice ourselves with our congressman, representative, senator, governor, and anybody who will listen to just say slow down; don’t rush though this!
How to contact your representative regardless to his or her office being held:
Oh, by the way. For those of you who asked what the mass graves are for…please, check out this website:

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