Monday, September 7, 2009

The Court of Heaven is in Session!

Today, with permission, I blog another man's blog because I agree with his input. See below:
Larry Randolph: "Urgent: The Court of Heaven is in Session. It's time for the Church to Get on Their Face - The Verdict is NOT IN YET!by Larry Randolph Sep 1, 2009 From the moment I both heard ABOUT this word by Larry Randolph and then listened to the entire message (which contains a most profound word by Larry who is a long time friend of this ministry), I knew it was a NOW word. Interestingly, this word centers mostly on the beginning of September 2009 and onward. Larry has written an introduction to his audio word and right below that is a link to the audio which you can click on to hear it. In Larry's introduction that he wrote, note that God has been preparing him for this word since that's PREPARATION! Whatever you do, don't miss out. Click on to this word and listen to the whole thing NOW. It's amazing in content, scope and even in sobriety! We've included Larry's itinerary below with a link to his entire itinerary as well. Blessings,Steve Shultz, Founder and PublisherThe ElijahList, Breaking Christian News and Prophetic.tvhttp://www.elijahlist.comLarry Randolph: "The Court of Heaven is in Session" -A Prophetic Word by Larry Randolph for September though the End of YearIntroduction by Larry RandolphIn 2005, I was visited by an Angel of the Lord who showed me a string of events that would unfold beginning in 2007 through the end of 2012. One of the most striking predictions was his proclamation that, "The economy of this nation will go down a long, dark hill." Among many other things, the angel also informed me that in the same year I saw the deaths of many Hollywood celebrities, it would signify the end of an era and the beginning of change in the nation. I shared these things in a few meetings, but felt that I should not yet release the details of the visitation on a national scale."What God Told Me in July of 2008 About THAT September" Then in July of 2008, the Lord informed me that a "perfect storm" would hit the nation in the middle of September and that it would be the beginning of the economic collapse the angel revealed to me in 2005. Again, I was reluctant to draw national attention to the coming events and purposely restricted the prophetic word to a small number of conferences. Although the prediction came to pass around the 15th of September 2008, part of my reluctance to give the prophetic word was due to much of the negativity that is often associated with a number of prophetic ministries. As one called to encourage the Church prophetically, I tend to shy away from anything that sounds like "gloom and doom" and often wait for God to show me the redemptive value of what is happening."I NOW Feel an Urgency to SOUND THE ALARM!"That being said, however, I now feel an urgency to sound the alarm that unprecedented events are approaching us on many levels. We are at the end of the "holding pattern" we have experienced this year and are about to enter another season of change and great shaking. In fact, there is a "super-shift" coming that is truly bittersweet and will ultimately reveal the best of times and the worst of times. In view of the sobering times we are approaching, I have decided to release a prophetic word that I recently delivered at Grace Center, my home church in Franklin, Tennessee. As you'll hear in the prophecy, the shift begins this September, continuing throughout October, and will gain both momentum and velocity by December 31st. Interestingly, the 31st is a "blue moon" night that is an astronomical rarity—thus the phrase "once in a blue moon."Also, a part of my decision to release the following prophecy is related to yet another encounter I had in August. Around the middle of the month, I had a vision of a 5.0 earthquake that would mark the beginning of a critical shift. I also saw a greater shaking that was to follow in the near future. The next day, I called my friend Bob Jones who confirmed that he was also feeling "a trembling" in the Earth. Several days after our conversation, there was a 5.0 earthquake in Alaska on August 19th, which confirmed to me the importance of the vision. (Reported on Fox News August 19, 2009: 5.0-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Anchorage, Alaska.)And, if I am interpreting correctly what I feel and see, there is yet a seven-fold shaking of greater magnitude coming that will produce enormous and perhaps catastrophic disruptions on economic, political, geophysical, atmospheric, and spiritual levels.No Matter What Events Unfold, God is "Unfailingly Redemptive" However, the good news is that God is unfailingly redemptive, no matter what events unfold in the world. According to the Prophet Isaiah, when darkness invades the Earth, the glory of God is certain to arise upon His people. Although we are entering uncertain and turbulent waters, remember that the challenges we face can affect us for good or for bad. When God shook the fountains of the deep in Noah's day, for example, the flood had both negative and positive implications for that generation. For those outside the ark it was devastating, but for those inside the ark it was liberating. So depending on your posture in Christ, the coming days can either be the best of times or the worst of times.Note by Steve Shultz: You've Got to Hear this Word Now! I have broken a normal guiding of mine. I need you to LISTEN to this word rather than read it—for the URGENCY is that great!
To listen to this most profound and sobering word by Larry Randolph click on this link or go to Randolph Larry Randolph MinistriesEmail: info@larryrandolph.comLarry Randolph's Itinerary:To see Larry's entire itinerary go to: Wednesday nights starting September 2, 2009Supernatural InfusionGrace Center2420 Bethlehem Loop Road; Franklin, TN 37069Contact: 615-599-3838September 17-20, 2009The Fathers Speak: Wisdom and Power Speakers: Che Ahn, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Larry Randolph 411 S 40th Street; Harrisburg, PA 17111Contact: (717) 232-9006October 11-17, 2009Transformation Summit Speakers: Larry Randolph, Gary & Kathi Oates, Bobby Conner and Bob Jones 1472 Price Road, Moravian Falls, NC 28654 Contact: 336-667-2333
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