Monday, May 3, 2010

Call to Prayer for Israel...urgent!

Last week I was given an email forward that dealt with Israel being in a very compromised position by our USA Government and by the Palestinians. I sent it around and wished for a chance to prove, with hard evidence, the truth of those articles as very best possible. Immediately a number of news articles were sent to me showing a continuous and gradual trend of the USA indeed being pressured, for military political reasons, to take a stand and seemingly against Israel.

This article asks how to restore relationships after Obama snubs the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu:

And this one addresses VP Biden's saying Arab leaders say the USA is incapable of standing up to Israel.

The very title of this one tells of how Obama is changing policy with Israel and is a very serious article to read in my opinion!:

And this article speaks of Obama planning on setting up a final peace plan:

The articles need a careful read to appreciate that the USA is getting ridicule from the Arabs leaders that the USA is wishy washy and impotent. They say we can't get anything done and they see us as sitting impotent ducks. So the pressure is on to get Israel to do as the “they” and the “Palestinians” want so we don't look so weak to them. This kind of thinking floors me because we have not been ones to worry about what others think about us; we tend to forge ahead doing what's right and expecting things to work out. And it usually has in the past as we fully support Israel but it's not looking so good right now.

Granted, I saw a ticker tape across the bottom of the TV screen when watching a CNN news cast that said Spain's unemployment is at 20% which is 10.4% worse then ours. So, yes, we could be looking worse.

Also, regarding Israel. A friend of mine called and asked me to blog letting people know we need to step up our prayers again for Israel right now. She had received this knowing from the LORD and received it strongly.

Now one of the articles I had received from a fellow watcher friend hinted there are soon to be further peace talks between Israel and the PLO and their becoming a two party state. But this article today brought to the forefront that those resumed peace talks are to be this very week!

So yes, it is critical time to pray all this week for Israel....please! Remember the 6th of May is National Day of Prayer. I think we all know that those who bless Israel will be blessed...seems to me praying for Israel is about the best way to pray for ourselves! Let's do it! And Praise God! Please read this article from Jerry Golden and be refreshed of the truth about how the nations are blessed.

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