Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is Going on Down Southern USA?

We know the TV news and the Face Book postings are different; the Face Book postings seem to come from a little deeper search and more of a pointed viewpoint. So keep an eye on the face book postings indeed!

One of the more interesting postings dealt with a USA flag flying under a Mexican flag on a Mexican business in Arizona. A former vet walked up to the pole and pulled down both flags and cut the American flag off the pole and carried it away leaving the Mexican flag lay on the sidewalk. The Mexican business owner stood there with a friend and after the vet walked away with strong comment that this was not going to happen on his watch, the video camera person approached the Mexican proprietor and asked what his thoughts were of the flag being taken down. The Mexican didn't say anything but did go over to pick up his flag off the sidewalk and went into his store shutting the door on the camera person. This story happened just this last 2009.

In the next two incidences I am including here, the USA flag is flying upside down as it was not in the previous incident yet the Mexican flag is again flying on top of the USA flag.

This next article is generated right off of snopes:

and shows that the article is “true,” and was posted in April of 2006. And this last article shows the consequences of the flying of the upside down USA flag with the Mexican flag having top priority: Students were fined.

We are the USA. First, middle, and last. Anybody loosing sight of that should be taken to task indeed. We can be a mixed culture, but this country was founded, is, and should always be the USA. No war has come and another country upending us that we should be under another countries rule or flag.

We are not only looking at Israel as occupied; we are now pretty much occupied too. Twice over it seems. I love all people but I do not want confusion of Mexican or Islamic 'governments' in place of the Republic for which it stands! So that we could have a 'Republic,' our families fought and died. Granted we have always welcomed in the troubled but not so they can be troublesome! I hope those running from their ruthless country and have slipped into our space to save their lives will understand now that they are able to breath and live and have a being, they really should behave and become one of us or go back and fight for their country to become what we gave up our loved ones as they fought for our freedom. They could really receive Christ as their LORD and Savior and then they would clearly understand this for we should do onto others as we would have them do unto us. It is the golden rule everybody should understand.

The articles from snopes and the dealing with the students is one thing but to have business men who have been welcomed in and sheltered and made survivors through the graciousness of the USA to now put themselves above their helpers that rescued them in time of their need are out of order to fly their flag above ours. In fact, if theirs was a simple moving of themselves into our country to embrace the American dream it still does not give them the right to force their governance on us and then not accept ours. Nor to make their minority rule when we are in a democracy where the majority rules. They are free to follow our laws and respect our flag, constitution, jurisdiction, etc., and they should expect consequences for not doing so.

In so many ways our country is being taken over by occupation. In other words “from within.” I can understand the concern how it is being done illegally yet besides. I don't hate and it has nothing to do with anything except we need to at least try being legal.

But 'peace' can still be reached through Christ and His ways for us Christian's though. I share this:

We should be amazed at God our Savior, not at the audacity of those who occupy us. To look at God's grace is to be amazed.

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