Friday, May 14, 2010

Eye of the Storm

I was watching CNN the other day and jumped over to take in the Fox News slant too and realized I had a question in myself above and beyond the usual. I couldn't put my finger on it and even though I thought back at all the news heard and seen ticker taping across the bottom of the CNN news screen, I wasn't sure what it was that I was missing.

A friend called on the telephone and after about three days of feeling I was missing something about all that is going on, I confessed to her “I don't know anything.” Nothing new to tell her in our phone conversation is how I felt.

I prayed about this unusual feeling of “What am I missing here?” It was about then that I got “You are in the eye of the storm.” That seemed to fit perfectly! Giving it some thought, I realized there was a storm going on all around me, yet, I was in the eye of it being unscathed as I watched. God is the God of me and was giving me a rest as though I was in the eye of a storm. A hush, although eerie, was where I sat calmly pressing forward in Christ Jesus day by day without a bruise. Loving and being loved. Busy, and pleasantly so, without horrible things like I was hearing and seeing on TV. Glad to be a part of anybody else's need to try to help alleviate any suffering they were having even as others have done for me at my troubled times in the past.

I am in Christ Jesus and so as I watch the perplexity of nations all around me in these end times that is very well at hand, I am in the calm. Not unaffected, but calm none the less, because God is the God of me. What a privilege to belong to Him....we must share Him with others every opportunity that avails itself. We must. It does not matter if we share with someone who already knows Jesus or to share Jesus with someone who doesn't know Him, be it to encourage or enlighten, we must share. I feel blessed to be brought to the remembrance of this part of my first love in Him. Hope you are likewise blessed in your walk with Him too.

In sharing...lets listen to this together:

Blessed be His glorious name!


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