Thursday, May 6, 2010

Only in America!

I hope that the National Day of Prayer went off without a hitch for you as it did for me. Our city gathered at the court house for prayer under the USA flag by a war memorial. I am not saying which war the memorial was for because all wars that have been fought to maintain our freedom is as important as the other.

An establishing of the reason for our gathering was made clear right at the beginning and it was to lift the name of our God on high and His name is Jesus the Christ. That is exactly what we did for the full hour; in love, humbleness and joy did we do that.

A choir of Teen Challenge men sang and led us in hymns. Prayer warriors of Pastors, the chief of the Police, a highway patrol man, Sheriff, mayors, ex military men of various wars, governmental representatives, ordinary folks like myself and more lifted our LORD's name on high in prayer and singing.

We praised God to be in a country that is still free enough to be able to do this; meet in broad daylight and pray out loud lifting up the matchless name of Jesus Christ at our own free will because we love God; Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost. I arrived home to a phone call from a friend in another town asking if I was in hand cuffs yet? Of course she was only teasing me but that is the point, isn't it; To be free enough to not be arrested for worshiping in a public place. It is an altogether awesome gift that I do thank God for everyday it is still here! It felt good to still be able to say, “Only in America.” We are the ones with such encompassing freedom.

I treasure to hang onto this freedom. We have been seeing a different trend that collectively many of us have not liked. We have pursued the normal course of contacting our representatives and to no avail. Things have rammed through relentlessly and we in America became the great nation we are because we are people who don't like things rammed through. So we said, “Okay, we will see you at the polls next Fall when it comes time to vote.” After today, that desire sits even deeper in me for I want very much to hang onto what we did under the flag today to continue on for my children and their children. I want them to know and say with full realization, “Only in America.”

So I ask, are you keeping tabs of who is running in your district? Do you know about your candidates to make a wise choice at the voting booth? This is the year we really need to do this. In fact, lets start with knowing how to find which district you are in so you can understand who your candidates may be. Check this site here:

Immediately I could tell I am in district 8 and when I clicked on district 8 I can tell immediately who is my current representative. Get yourself familiar, friends, on how to search out all the information you need to go to the polls prepared to vote your conscious. It is another thing we can still do and lets not let it slip away.

In a lingering heart to praise our LORD, I end the post with this:!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mothers out there in cyberspace! God bless you and yours! Have an absolutely wonderful day this Sunday.

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