Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where is Stability?

If I have had the thought once, I have had it a thousand times and I have heard the same from others. I have thought and heard, ”I don't trust or believe much of what I hear or read anymore.”

Where is our stability? What can we count on anymore? State to state, nation to nation we don't trust. We don't accept with open arms. Instead we screen, test, question, and run through a pyramid of gauntlets what ever is suggested to us be it news, people, or other, everything we hear to figure out it's degree of soundness.

There is something we can count on though. Someone Who is the same yesterday , today, and forever. Of course, that Someone is God. He still proves that choosing to love our enemies will work things to the better. Try it...I did and pleasantly confused my enemy until she became much more congenial to me. I also, this last week saw God meet the needs of several of my close friends individually as only He can and each one felt that special one on one relationship with Him as thought they were special. Each one sought Him and each one found Him right where they were looking. One to be built up. One to be blessed in understanding the Bible she was reading as if the Word applied one on one with her like she never had seen before. One to live the Word of God to care for God's motherless and fatherless. A child who had no one and had been living on the street so long he did not know his parent's names, did not know his real age and only guessed it was 12. She, her husband, and her family was able to be God's instruments to bring him home and tuck him in and now care for Him as if he were one of their own.

These things are showing God is the same today, yesterday and forever. We can and should count on Him; trust Him. He is our stabilizing Rock in this otherwise crazy upside down world we blog about all the time. And my blog is extremely mild about what is out there! We don't need to hammer someone over the head to get the point across. We can warn and alert ourselves to attention and to prayer without being maligners.

Put He Who is worthy in charge of your confused and or muddled thoughts. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest shall be added unto you. Love. Your stability will regain it's balance in a heartbeat.

God bless you and remember to feed among the Christians in the Word of God. The milk is warm and sweet and the meat is rich and savory. The last person you heard, did you give them the test and see if they are lovable? Did you choose to love them anyway for God is over us all and He is lovable. Do what the Bible shows has worked all these centuries and watch the Word of God come alive in you. And to God be all the glory!

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