Monday, May 17, 2010

Slave Ministries

This morning I woke up to “check out slave ministries” in my spirit. After devotional and prayer, I did that. Many sites about slavery came up and are very disturbing. The world we live in is still far from pretty. But none of them clicked with my spirit within me. I kept reading until I came to an interview with Michael Little where he is talking with Bill Bright of the CCC which is the Campus Crusade for Christ Ministries. Michael Little is the president of CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network. The interview may be read here:

As good as the interview is, it is the content that I was being lead to read and not for myself only. I was to share it here with you all. We are being called to be a slave for God; Holy Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost. We are to totally turn ourselves over to Him. All that we are and all that we own.

Opps. I just heard a howl. It sounded like the howl that I heard off the streets of Greece just a little while ago. It was coming from those who think they have some money and have worked themselves into some significant position. Please don't howl. You will soon leave it all behind to go to the Lord as He catches you up in to the air to be with Him forever more and there your riches will be beyond comparison to anything we could possibly know or own down here.

I really think He is asking us to get used to that idea! Read that interview carefully and realize this is not a vow of poverty but of turning yourself totally over to Him. Aspire to have that “I am getting prepared to be in heaven with Him” mentality. We soon will be, you know.

The Lord clearly gave me this to give to you for us all. I hope you will mediate on this and get close to the LORD about it until it fits you well. I have.

May God bless us with helping us to surrender all to Him regardless of what we see or hear or think or are told or encounter in any way for this is what you may see:

But this is what you must do to be ready:

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