Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cry Out To GOD?

Over and over we are asked to pray. Why? Israel needs prayer, the USA needs prayer, our families need prayer, it seems everything needs prayer. In fact we are admonished to pray without ceasing! As much as I know we need to pray and I support the call to pray, I have never felt particularly good at praying. Last night Jesus helped me see how to improve a bit.

As I was joining in at a local church with a global prayer effort, I found myself praying out loud with everybody there, and once again, with great intensity, I began asking for forgiveness for how we in the USA kill our babies before they are even born; I was thinking about elective abortion. And I was praying, once again, how we are increasingly abandoning Israel while she builds as God would have her do according to the scriptures. I found myself impassioned to, yes, pray for those in position of authority over us but asked for strength to protest when those who are in position of authority are holding their office poorly. I prayed when they are doing a job not up to the standards of the office they are elected to, we would address that without fear for we serve a Great and Mighty God. I asked for forgiveness that we haven't been doing that very well.

Shortly after, one in attendance read how Daniel “cried out to God” about much the same things only the issues were the issues of Daniel's time, yet, the issues involved the government.

The admonishment to 'Cry out to God' filled my ears and heart and I found myself hearing as though from God to share this, do this and apply this in all the days to come.

Cry out to God and He will fight the battle. Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6b (King James Version)

I learned last night that when I am impassioned and praying strongly, be careful not to sound accusing, and not to sound inciting. Pray into the great and mighty Spirit of God instead. The victory will come via the Spirit of God!

Bless us LORD and keep us praying and praying aright, not amiss.

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