Monday, September 21, 2009

Anne got your gun?

If you don’t, [have your unregistered gun] you soon won’t be able to. See here where the getting of unregistered guns is being shut down:
Hmmmmm. Guess I won’t be getting any weapon myself since I have chosen Psalm 91as my protection but I do sense the crowding in of the big brother control. Funny how I still feel free in Christ; don’t you too?
I do believe in networking though. Have you and your family made some sensible plans of what to do if adversity blocked you from each other. How do you plan to regain becoming connected?
If the lights go out, do you have batteries for your flashlights? How about a little extra beans and rice? Water is important if the pump fails. A little extra propane gas for the grill could give you some nicely cooked meals too.
Remember your elderly neighbor who may be helpless suddenly! And please do watch out for children in need too!
Just something to think about. Not to worry about but to pray about and prepare as lead by the Holy Ghost. It’s a good thing.

Also! Garage Salers!! Oh how things have changed!! We knew it was coming but here it is. Take a look:,2933,552021,00.html?test=faces I’ll be thinking long and hard if the insurance to have a garage sale is worth having the garage sale in the first place. How about you?

And last, for those of you who are watching the bank system, here is what greets us this morning: Be sure to go to the second page of this article and read what is already happening. I also encourage you to watch your accounts closely too. Save your receipts and check them against your debit card purchases and credit card purchases that your bank sends to you as “bank statements.” I have been charged one price on the sales slip but a different charge came with the bank statement. Having saved the sales slips helped me know I did not enter the wrong total into my checkbook ledger. Things are happening at all levels around us. We NEED to keep the WATCH!
Lord willing, I will be back with you tomorrow. God Bless!

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