Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is Cap and Trade? & Tent hospitals for H1 N1 flu

It was said in this article that Sen. Kerry does not know what Cap and Trade is and he figures the average American doesn’t either:
Here is a brief explanation of Cap and Trade:
I can’t remember how many had their eyes on this all summer long; remember?
Why am I bringing it up again? It threatens to be one of the most direct hits to our pocket books out there today. I’m just watching how it will go and am blogging this here for the others who are also watching. A Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing is this Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009.

Here is a H1N1 serious update:
It appears submitted by PUBLIC HEALTH; “Swamped with flu patients, Dell Children's Medical Center sets up triage tents. Flu also causing staffing shortage in ER.” What a storm this is causing. Scared people, sick people, and staffing shortages due to absence from work with the flu. What will happen when doctors and nurses being mandated to take the H1N1 flu shot, refuse, and walk off the job? Or when it comes in mass in this much colder climate where tents don’t work? Will schools be used?
For those of us who are visual and would like to see the tents, here is a video for us:
Much to pray about! Thanks for the input from you watchers!

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