Thursday, September 24, 2009

Behind closed doors

What really happened behind closed doors with Netanyahu, Abbas, and Obama?
Well, here is a two paged article as a follow up of my Tuesday’s blog on Israel news:
All this is about how Israel and Palestine have agreed to re-launch peace talks without preconditions as soon as possible.
So much is at stake and one can only wonder what really goes on behind closed doors. I deliberately waited a couple of days to see what comes out of Israel before posting this article for many times leaders go home and way different stories come out in their own country’s news releases. This time, here is what I find coming out of Israel: and this is coming out regarding Palestinian news: and then there is this conjoined confession in this article:
where Netanyahu, and Abbas stand fast with their old stand. So this is what it is like when the dust settles. Now we can continue to watch.
AND…for those who are watching the pending gun control, check out this news article: Now this is happening in Toronto Canada but you get the drift how things come about? The point is that it is happening globally folks. Not just here.

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