Sunday, September 27, 2009

Way to go Netanyahu!

Did you watch any of the UN presentations of Thurs. Sept. 24, 2009. Pres. Obama received some recognition and Gadhafi of Libya received a lot of publicity. But here is the best of the UN event and I had to go to Israel news on line to first find it. Check it out!
Well, Netanyahu received my attention because he knew his country’s history and pain. He didn’t “apologize” for it either. He belongs to be their leader!
I had a missionary friend who has passed on now but whenever he felt he had said something serious, he would say, “Enough said!” and leave off speaking.
With this said, I too say, “Enough said.”
…Unless you are visual and want to watch, click on here:
Also; here is the status of Iran vs. Israel at present. Hmmmm.
AND, it was a long weekend friends, here is the confirmation on the news that swine flu shots really do kill:
I blog all this at this end of Sunday for ‘Monday’s blog’ because I will be gone and away from my computer the most of Monday.
May God bless us with a good day where-ever we all are!

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