Friday, September 18, 2009

What is Martial Law?

This has been the week of “What is?” Today we have an extension of what is Martial Law? That is the most common question I am asked when out signing books where ever I go out to do so. A FEMA site of our USA status and explanation of Martial Law is:
Please notice who were the four countries that were invited to 'practice' Martial Law on us. Interesting. It is global now you know. Greece is the latest country I watched 'in practice'.
Then for a simpler all inclusive explanation of what is Martial Law, we have Wikipedia at:
Then we have “SURVIVING MARTIAL LAW” found at:
And this one is good…: go to the section that says: What Martial Law might look like in the United States.Now, if you would like my idea of what to do should Martial Law knock at my door, go to:
As I wrote the book, I thought I would rather be a Barb and be ready…read the book “Running From Martial Law” and see what I mean.

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